Pizza Metro by Ñam Ñam

The girls at Ñam Ñam have decided to expand their food empire here in Mahahual and now have opened Pizza Metro.  Pizza Metro is in downtown Mahahual, right around the corner from their original location, right off the malecon.

Their fast food restaurant Ñam Ñam has become a big success, so now they have decided to open a pizza place. Everybody I know eats at Ñam Ñam when they want a good hamburger or other fast food.  I send people there all the time, and I have not had anybody complain yet, their food is that good.

Pizza Metro is for take out or delivery only, but you can order a pizza and sit and eat it at Ñam Ñam right around the corner from the new pizza place.  They have a wide selection of pizza options, and I am enclosing the menu below.

Pizza Metro just opened this week, and I have had several people tell me they have really good pizza.  I had a pepperoni small pizza the other day and it was good.

Pizza Metro opens every day at 5pm, and they are closed on Tuesdays, just like Ñam Ñam.  They deliver to Mahahual and New Mahahual (the Casitas), and along the malecon.  They also have take out, so you can take your pizza and eat it on the beach.  The location is right downtown, a couple of doors down from Fernando’s and next to the hotel.

The phone number for delivery or take out is  983-131- 4417, and delivery is free.

So if you are an expat, or here on a vacation in Mahahual, and you feel like a pizza, go by or call Pizza Metro.  All of the locals like their pizza, and I am sure you will too.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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