My Mexican Lunch Lady

This story came up on my Facebook memories today.  I wrote this on Facebook three years ago, and I had forgotten all about it.  Funny story so I am going to share today.

December 12, 2012

Here is another funny but true story about Mexico. I usually eat at the same lunch place near where I live. Except when I am at the port, and I grab a sandwich there or some junk food.  Well I told the lady at my lunch place where I always eat that I am a diabetic so I have to watch what I eat and so forth.  I try not eat hamburgers and fries and stuff like that a lot, and try to eat healthy. She informed me that they delivered to the port so she could have my lunch sent to me at my office in the port, so I said no problem. Well the other day my lunch came and it was BBQ chicken and salad and some carrot sticks, no rice or beans or anything else, so I thought well she is just thinking that maybe I need a salad, no problem. She only speaks Spanish and no English, so I thought something must have got lost in the translation. Well today I was working and they brought my lunch by, she always sends me a diet coke, and I opened my food and it was just meat and some kind of stew. Well I got to have rice sometimes and I called her and said in Spanish “I have no rice and beans, just meat whats the problem.” She told me in Spanish, “Senor you are a diabetic, I sent you that on purpose, you don’t need to eat rice, what I sent you was a good diabetic meal, and as long as you eat from my place you will continue to eat right, and stick to your diabetic diet, is that a problem?” So I said No, Senora, Gracias. Looks like I have to find another place to eat now, when I want to cheat. Here is her and her husband at their kitchen. Whenever I eat there she always comes around and rubs my back and asks me how I am doing.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

Stewart Rogers's photo.

One thought on “My Mexican Lunch Lady

  1. Stewart, can you explain how to stream football in Mahahual. Will be at our villa for the super bowl?
    We have internet.. what more do we need? any info would be great!
    Thanks Dana

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