Bikers Come to Mahahual

Things have been very busy here in Mahahual during the holiday season.  The town is full of tourists, and almost every day cruise ships come in with more cruise ship tourists, so everybody here has been very busy.

I am behind on some articles and updates, and will catch up next week.  Today I am watching the final week of the NFL season, my fantasy team is in the playoffs. So today I am on the couch watching football and relaxing.

The other day I was on my bike near the lighthouse, and I looked up and here came some motorcycles, and they pulled up right to the lighthouse.  Looked like one of those motorcycle gangs you see in movies and TV.

They got off their bikes and the first thing they did was get their photo taken with their bikes at the famous Mahahual lighthouse.  I asked if I could take their photos and they said sure.  I talked to one of the guys and he told me they were from Mexico City, and had travelled here on their motorcycles for the holiday.

He said they had heard about Mahahual in Mexico City and decided to bike here.  Here are some photos I took of this “Biker Gang”.

iphone 2015 089 iphone 2015 090 iphone 2015 091 iphone 2015 092 iphone 2015 093I found it interesting that these bikers heard about Mahahual, and rode their motorcycles here, and the first thing they did was stop at the Mahahual lighthouse and get their photo taken.  More and more people are coming to Mahahual for the first time and discovering the natural pristine beauty here.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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