Padrino Restaurante Y Bar, Mahahual. Mexico

I just realized I have mentioned the Padrino Restaurant and Bar in the past, but I have never done an article on Mahahual’s leading sports bar.  I have been going to Padrino to watch NFL football, since I arrived in Mahahual.

Padrino is a restaurant and bar in New Mahahual, (Casitas), located on the road to the port.  Padrino is the best place to watch NFL football, soccer, UFC, and any other major sports events.  It is air-conditioned, and has plenty of seats to watch football or any other sport.

When I first got to Mahahual, I used to go to Padrinos all the time to watch NFL and college football.  I was the only one watching much football in those days, so they would set me up with my own TV and I would watch in my own section on the couch.  I have watched many a game there, and in fact I have watched the last two Super Bowls there.

I have been getting a lot of questions, emails, and comments on this blog about where to watch the NCAA football championship game tonight, and also where to watch the NFL playoffs, and my answer is Padrinos.  I checked, and Padrinos will be open tonight for the Alabama-Clemson game.  I, of course tonight will be pulling for Alabama, because I hate Clemson.

Padrinos has a full service bar, and very good food.  I have eaten there a lot, and everything is good.  They have tortas, hamburgers, alhambre, chicken fingers, and a wide range of food in their menu.

The bar has all of your favorite Mexican beers, and a big selection of mixed drinks and liquor.  I drink Heineken when I go watch a game there, it is the only place in Mahahual I can find Heineken.  The prices at Padrinos are very reasonable, and the beers are 30 pesos each, and mixed drinks around 50 pesos.

Irving Meir, and his staff at Padrino.

UFC fights are big here in Mexico and attract quite a crowd.

Of course every major soccer game is shown at Padrinos.

So if you are a big football fan like me, and want to watch NFL or college football while you are in Mahahual, Padrinos is the best place in town.  It is our local sports bar in Mahahual.  Every time someone comes to town to visit me, I always take then to Padrinos to watch football.  Good food, great drinks, and an excellent sports venue.

So since I am a University of South Carolina graduate, and USC is a member of the SEC conference, today I am pulling for Alabama in the game tonight. (I also am an ABC man, Anybody But Clemson, I pull against Clemson no matter who they play, I hate them).


Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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