A trip to the past along the coast Mexican Caribbean

I had someone send me this the other day.  It is an article done by the University of Guadalajara about the history of the Mexican Caribbean.  It was done in 2006 off of a boat trip of the Mexican Caribbean  taken in or around 1920.  The whole study and article is in Spanish, and it would take me all day to translate.

Instead of me translating the whole article, I am going to just share the link and let you readers translate.  The reason I like this article is it shows a lot of old photos and maps of the old coast of Quintana Roo before tourism and the current growth.

In the early 1900s the coast around Mahahual and Costa Maya consisted of coconut plantations and ranchos.  This article has maps of all the plantations and ranchos that were along the coast at that time.  It also has some photos of the old lighthouses that were around during that time.

Also during the early 1900s gum and mahogany were the chief exports from the area now known as Costa Maya.  coconuts were also exported, but the real money was in gum from trees and mahogany, which were taken to ports like Xcalak and Corozal to be sold to the market.

So if even if you don’t translate this article, just check it out for all the old maps and photos of Costa Maya and the Mexican Caribbean in the 1920s when Quintana Roo was considered the last frontier in Mexico.

A trip to the past along the coast
Mexican Caribbean
Geography of memories
the mapping of reality
Alfredo Cesar Dachary

Primera edición, 2006 © D.R. 2006, Universidad de Guadalajara Centro Universitario de la Costa Av. Universidad de Guadalajara 203, Delegación Ixtapa 48280 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco


Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina




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