Two Homes for $33,500 USD and One for $31,000 in Mahahual

I was talking to a guy from the USA yesterday, and he asked to look and see what houses Costa Maya Real Estate had for sale in pesos, because he wanted to take advantage of the high dollar versus peso rate now.  So I decided to look, and much to my surprise I realized that the houses that were sale for $42,000 we have, are now down to $33,500 in USA dollars.

This because the peso to dollar rate is today 17.93 pesos for one USA dollar.  So if you want to buy a house in pesos, now is the best time I have ever seen.

These are the standard 2 bedroom houses you find all over New Mahahual, (Casitas as the locals call it), Two bedrooms, kitchen, 1 bathroom, and a back yard for a garden. They sit on lots of 300 square meters, and have room for parking in front. I noticed one of them had air conditioning, and a new kitchen.

Here are some photos of the houses.

house and casitas 020 house and casitas 021 house and casitas 022 house and casitas 023 house and casitas 024 house and casitas 026 house and casitas 027 house and casitas 028 house and casitas 029 house and casitas 030 house and casitas 031 house and casitas 032 house and casitas 033 house and casitas 040 house and casitas 043 house and casitas 044 house and casitas 045 house and casitas 046

I took these photos with my ancient 3gs Iphone, so I know they are not the best photos, but I think it gives you a good idea what these houses look like.

So remember, there are two houses listed at 600,000 pesos and one at 550,000 pesos, and if the dollar continues to rise, the prices you can adjust for yourself.

So if you ever have thought of buying a retirement or second home in Mahahual and Mexico, now is your chance.  It is a good investment because with all of Mahahual’s future growth, the houses value will go up.  Also with the exchange rate, the time is also right.

For more information hit the Costa Maya Real Estate link on this blog, or get in touch with me.  I do not think these houses will last long.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

5 thoughts on “Two Homes for $33,500 USD and One for $31,000 in Mahahual

    • Donna Norstadt says:

      I did this for 3 years. I had a property manager and he rented my house so I was able to keep it safe. I had to furnish it, have appliances and we did upgrades with A/C and overhead fans.

  1. Martin Alvarez says:

    Please email me your telephone number. It had been my dream for the past 10 years to find a home in Mahahual within my budget.

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