Aussie Steve Update

I got this email yesterday from Aussie Steve.  Aussie Steve is a bloke from Australia, who is traveling the world with his wife, and he spent some time last year here in Mahahual.

He and his wife are taking photos of their trip around the world, and they also write a blog.  Here is the message he sent me.

G’day from Aussie Steve

So the journey has come to end after 482 consecutive days of travelling the world. We returned back into Perth just before Christmas and I won’t lie and say that it’s good to be back. Trying to settle back into things here has been bloody tough.
It has been wonderful catching up with friends and family but if another person asks if we found it safe in Mexico I think I am gunna go a little loco on their ass. It is quite startling the media’s influence on people’s thinking worldwide and what they believe is safe. Somehow it seems acceptable or the normal that a couple of people can be murdered just around the corner however if it happens to a couple of Australians in Mexico it’s front page news. Bad stuff can happen anywhere especially if you act stupid or look for trouble it will find you no matter which country you happen to be in. Rant over sorry.
The one thing I wasn’t prepared for was discovering as travelled the more we saw the more we realised that there was to see. The world is a really really big awesome place. The first question everyone asks is “Where was your favourite place?” which is very hard to answer given how much we have seen and done.
I now respond by asking the person “Favourite place for doing what?”
Do you mean my favourite place for chillin under a palm tree on the beach, that’s easy it would have to be Mahahual. If we had of stayed one more week I think we would have quickly become regulars in Busters Blog.
So what’s next for us? I hear you ask
For a long time I worried about what we would do when the journey was over. This changed slowly as we began to realise the opportunities that were now available to us. We have a number of exciting things in the pipeline and have to be patient to see which is the best way forward for us. We are in the process of building a new website that will share our travels I will let your know when it is up and running.
To all our Mahahual friends we say G’day Mates and we hope one day soon we will be back on the beach enjoying living and dying in 3/4 time.

regards Steve Manning
Mobile : 0474 152 774
Skype : stevemanning8989
Email :
Web :

Aussie Steve on malecon.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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