Super Bowl Sunday in Mahahual

Since Super Bowl Sunday is coming up in a couple of days, and I have the flu, and don’t feel like writing anything today. I am going to share my Super Bowl Sunday from last year today.
This Sunday I will be at Padrinos watching the game and pulling for the Carolina Panthers. For some reason there are a lot of new Carolina Panther fans running around in Mahahual now. Go Panthers.

Costa Maya Mahahual

To start this story, I have to provide a little background.  Friday night I was walking down the malecon on my way to Nohoch Key to watch the local gringo band that gets together here.  I passed a white woman sitting on a bench wearing a New England Patriots sweatshirt.  I thought to myself, that it is odd, so I turned around to talk to her.  I asked where she was from and she said Boston, and we started talking, and come to find out, she and her husband are vacationing here and doing some diving.  They had rented a car, and had gone to Xcalak, and now were spending a couple of days here in Mahahual.

Karen Hurley of Boston. Karen Hurley of Boston, in her Pats sweatshirt.

Well as we were talking, her husband walked up, and then they decided to go with us to see the band play down the malecon…

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