Fishing in Mahahaul, Mexico

I have been a lot of questions and inqueries lately about fishing here in Mahahual, so I am reblogging this today. Also I still have the flu.

Costa Maya Mahahual

Dorado and barrauda. Dorado and barracuda.

I get questions and searches on this blog about the fishing around Mahahual and Costa Maya, Mexico. If you have a pole and a tackle box, your choices for catching fish are endless. Spear fishing is very popular in Mahahual also, but today I am concentrating on fishing with a pole and tackle.

I myself bass fished for many years in South Carolina and I like using a good rod and reel to fish. A lot of people that are going to move or retire in the future here I am sure like fishing in the USA or Canada, and would like to know about fishing here. So I will try to describe the fishing around Mahahual.

There is almost 100 klms of shoreline that can be walked and waded from the southern border of the Sian Kann Biosphere Reserve south to Xcalak. Mahahual makes an excellent…

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3 thoughts on “Fishing in Mahahaul, Mexico

  1. Victoria says:

    Do you have any problems with ciguatera poisoning in the fish caught in the area? I’m heading down there in January and my fishing friends are scaring me to death about eating any of the fish caught in the reefs.

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