It Is Tough Being A Gamecock and Panther Fan in Mahahual

Sometimes I feel like an old Rodney Dangerfield quote, “I just can’t get no respect around here.”

As most of you readers may know, I am a South Carolina Gamecock alumnus and fan, and also a Carolina Panther fan.  I wear my Gamecock hat and shirt most days, and I meet a lot of cruise ship tourists this way.  I started when I worked at the port and people used to call me “Gamecock” there.

I am also a Caroilna Panthers fan, and a lot of people in town here know that also.  I have also discovered that a lot of Mexicans here are Cowboy and Broncos fans in the NFL.  So after the dismal performance by the Panthers I knew I was going to get some grief here from some of the locals.

So Monday morning after the Super Bowl, as I was getting dressed to go into town because we had 2 ships that day, I thought to myself I am not going to wear anything today that has the word “Carolina” on it.  After the terrible Gamecock season of going 3-9, and the Panthers choking in the Super Bowl, my heart was not in it, I was so disgusted and glad football was over.

Well it did not matter, as I was riding my bike to the malecon, everybody who saw me gave me the old “Broncos Won” comment all the way around town.  The Bronco fans started coming out of the woodwork all of a sudden.  So I said yes sure Panthers lost and they looked terrible.  I got to the malecon and everybody there was giving me grief about the Panthers losing, it was going to be a long day for me.

And to top my day off, these Clemson fans showed up today to remind me they beat is again this year. They come here every year on a cruise and look me up. I did not wear a Gamecock hat today for first time in a while, I was so disgusted with Panthers I did not wear anything today that Carolina on it.  

This is me with David and Debbie Langenstein, Clemson fans from Rock Hill and their friends Rudy Abbott and Coleen at the Tropicante.  They come here every year, and said they are going to still keep coming here, because since they met me here in Mahahual, Clemson has beat South Carolina three years in a row in football, and they don”t want to stop their streak.

We don’t get a lot of Clemson fans here off of cruise ships, because cruising is kind of sophisticated, and it is hard to get the cow on board for the Clemson fans to milk every day.  But these Clemson fans are OK.

Another repeat cruise ship tourist from Kentucky came by also and found me to remind me they beat us this year, I told him shit everybody beat the Gamecocks this year. Going to be a long cruise ship season of being reminded how much Gamecocks suck

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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