“Belize Don’t Believe the Hype” Facebook Page

I got a strange request last night.  I got an invitation to join a new Facebook group, “Belize Don’t Believe the Hype”.  The founder of the group asked me to join because I think he has read some of my articles on this blog about my living experiences in Belize.

Here is the statement or description of the new Facebook page. “Sound off. Here you will find the real important information about living in Belize. This is not your sugar coating type of info you might be used too. Don’t believe the hype: We love Belize. We just don’t lie about it.”

Here is the link to the group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/1540714816239845/

If you are considering or even thinking about retiring or living in Belize you might want to check out this page.  It is about time something like this was started to help disspell some of the hype and lies that are spread around by publications like “International Living”, and other expat websites.

If you read “International Living” you would think that Belize is the greatest place on Earth to live and vacation, but trust me it is not.  To hear them describe it the streets of Belize are paved with gold, and Belize welcomes expats and retirees with open arms.

I, myself bought all the hype and ended up in Belize, only to find out it was not the paradise I thought it was.  I left and ended up in Mahahual, Mexico, which to me is my own paradise, not Belize.  I even wrote an eight part series on this blog comparing living in Belize compared to Mahahual that you can read, and Mahahual beats Belize hands down in all categories.

Don’t get me wrong, Belize is a naturally beautiful country with nice people, but is full of crime and corruption, and is getting worse.  I come in contact every day with people disgusted with Belize, and looking for a way out.  I know a bunch of people who have moved from Belize to Caldaritas, Chetumal, and even Mahahual here in Mexico to escape Belize.

I get a lot of people that stop here on their way to Belize, and look me up because of my blog to ask me questions about Belize.  About a month ago a guy from Texas who is a developer and builder, stopped here on his way to Belize to talk to me about opening a contracting business there.  He had a huge notebook full of properties in Belize he was looking at, and he could not believe the land was so cheap there.

He showed me land in Placenia, Corozal, Hopkins, Punta Gordo, and other places in Belize, and he could not believe the prices for beach front property there.  He asked me my opinion, and I told him there was a reason the land was so cheap there, and he should go find out for himself.

I told him just don’t listen to me, and I encouraged him to go see for himself.  Well he did, and guess what?  Three days later he came back to Mahahual, and to make a long story short, he hated it, and is now moving to Mahahual to open his business.

I have heard a bunch of stories like this, and it does not surprise me. “There is a fine line between Paradise and a third world shit hole”, and Belize embodies this.

So if you read my blog or are thinking about making Belize your choice of paradise, you may want to check out this Facebook page, to save yourself a lot of time and trouble.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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