Scuba Diving with Buceando Mahahual

Mahahual is rapidly becoming a scuba diving destination, and is being discovered every day by tourists.  Mahahual has some of the best scuba diving in the Mexican Caribbean, including Banco Chinchorro.  I have met a lot of people this year who have come to Mahahual just to scuba dive.  I have met people from the USA and Canada, and all over the world who have fallen in love with the scuba diving here.

The other day I was talking to a guy from Kentucky who was down here on a cruise ship.  This is the third or fourth time this man and his family has been to Mahahual on a cruise.  Two or three years ago I sold him and his family an ATV tour of the area when I worked at the port, and since then he looks me up every time he comes to town now.

He asked me if the next time he came into town on a cruise if maybe he and his family could take a scuba dive , while his cruise ship was here.  He said they had never scuba dived before and was it possible to try it out here.  I told him sure that was what they call a “Discovery Dive” here.  I told him Moises at Buceando Mahahual could handle all that for him the next time they came to town, and to let me know.

So I got to thinking there are probably a lot of people out there that would like to do some scuba diving on their cruise ship day, here, so I talked to Buceando Mahahual, and they said it is possible to do some good quality diving while the cruise ship is docked.

If you are coming to Mahahual on a cruise ship or on vacation and never have scuba dived before, this might be something you might want to check out.  Hit the Buceando Mahahual link on this blog or go to their website to check out prices and details.

“Mahahual, an incredible family for diving destination.
You can come endless places to the head, but Mahahual is special.
With over 40 dive sites accessible from shore (most a few minutes from the dive center you can dive under different conditions for weeks without repeating the experience.
Many of us @ s, scuba divers, we dream to dive with our children and teach them the wonders that hide the oceans, Mahahual is the place to do it.
Remind you that from the age of 10 can already dive.”

Moises Machado Sanchez

Cenote Diving is also very popular here in Costa Maya.  Here are some photos of cenote dive.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


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