Why Is Mexico Such A Popular Retirement Destination?

I get asked this question every day.

Costa Maya Mahahual

I found this article from the huffingtonpost.com, and I thought I would share today. It goes into detail why Mexico is becoming such a popular retirement destination for USA and Canadian expats. There are expecting a big increase in retirees here in Quintana Roo in the next ten years.

Why Is Mexico Such A Popular Retirement Destination?
Posted: 04/24/2015 7:39 am EDT

If you’ve ever been to Mexico, you’ve probably visited some of its beautiful beaches.

But there’s a lot more to Mexico than beaches, and if you’ve never been there or if you are afraid to visit for one reason or another, you are missing out.

Mexico is one of the biggest and most diverse countries around. There really is something for everyone … lovely, temperate-climate mountain towns, a vibrant Renaissance-like capital city, rainforests and farmlands and yes, those absolutely gorgeous beaches.

Today’s Mexico is not only amazingly diverse…

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