Big increase seen in monarchs’ migration

Here is an article from Mexico News Daily, about the increase in Monarch butterflies migrating to Mexico this year.

Monarch butterflies: numbers are up.

Big increase seen in

monarchs’ migration

Milder weather seen as reason for big comeback over last year


The monarch butterfly migration was well up this season, according to a study by Texas A&M University, which estimates that 100 million made the annual migration to Mexico from the U.S. and Canada.

Milder, dryer weather was attributed for the increase, which scientists warned should not be seen as a sign that the butterflies are out of danger. There numbers have been declining over the years due to loss of habitat and food.

The monarchs are counted by measuring the forest area they cover once they arrive in central Mexico. In December, it was measured at about four hectares, up from 1.13 last year.

When 1 billion arrived two decades ago, they covered 18 hectares.

A trilateral meeting is under way in Mexico City this week where government and non-government organizations are mapping a strategy to bring the butterflies’ numbers back up.

Source: Associated Press (en), Primer Plano (sp)

Big increase seen in monarchs’ migration

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One thought on “Big increase seen in monarchs’ migration

  1. Steve Heide says:

    Great article on the Monarchs, good to hear they are doing well. We see some in SE Texas when they migrate but we didn’t notice a numerical difference from previous years this year. However, we didn’t have a winter this year and early spring blooming of trees and plants is well under way. A topic I hope Stewart will address is the infrastructure in Mahahual? Is there city sewer and water and if there is, how far does it extend and are there any plans to increase existing sewer and water. Same with electricity, is there a city generated electrical grid and future plans for extending the grid north and south. For people considering buying/building retirement homes or starting a business, this would be great information to have

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