Comments and Questions for Febuary 2016

I am kind of behind on my comments and questions section I do on this blog, and in fact I think I missed January all together.  It is my busy time of year now, I have been showing people around every day, and meeting cruise tourists as well.  I have also gotten a lot of emals lately, and I am trying to keep up with those, and if I missed your email, let me know.

Today I am going to answer some questions I have gotten lately, and I will try to answer those to the best of my ability.

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“Mr. Steward Rogers, I spent time north of Majajual in the Siaan Kiaan Biosphere in the early naughts. it looks from Google Earth that the from 2009 pics to 2016 pics there has been a lot of development. I would like to open a dialogue with you about the area as i am eager to return with my family for a visit. I presently reside in Texas, though have lived all over, and am considering retiring in Merida and/or in the biosphere.

I hope you find me worthy of reply.


Answer:  I don’t know if you could call it a lot of development, but there is development going on in the biosphere.  I know it is hard to get permits to build, and getting electricity there may be a problem.  I met some people last year who are trying to develop there, and they were having some problems.  Merida is a good place to live as well as Mahahual.  You might want to look at Rio Indio or Placer, I can get you information on that if you wish.  It is remote out that way, and is off the grid like the biosphere.

“Would a world-traveler/writer/ single grandmother feel out of place living in Majahual? I’ve seen it “grow” since the port first opened and gravitate toward it when I think “time to retire.” Will be on the Veendam March 11 to walk the streets and feel….”

Answer: We have a lot of world-travelers and grandmothers in Mahahual.  We also have some retirees and “Snow Birds” also.  Mahahual is really starting to grow, but it still has that small village appeal, and will have for some time.  On your cruise ship day come find me at the Tropicante on the malecon, and I will give you a book about the area, and any other information you may need.

I have some books "Facts and Legends, Mahahual and Costa Maya".  If you want one, come by the Tropicante and I will give you one while supplies last, you can also get a great massage from Elaina.

I have some books “Facts and Legends, Mahahual and Costa Maya”. If you want one, come by the Tropicante and I will give you one while supplies last, you can also get a great massage from Elaina.

The house looks really nice. My wife and I are planning a visit shortly and are hoping we can communicate via email about the prospects of living in Mahahual. I see you sign everything with a South Carolina tagline. Do you live full-time in the U.S. or part-time in Mahahual? Please write via email…

Retired in Florida”

Answer: I am a full-time resident of Mahahual, and I am from Greenville, South Carolina.  This is my fifth year in Mahahual, and I lived in Belize before that.  My email is

“I am interested in these homes, how my I contact you?”

Answer: My email is, my phone number is 983-134-6898, and office number here is 983-834-5999, ask for Carlos.

“Please email me your telephone number. It had been my dream for the past 10 years to find a home in Mahahual within my budget.”

Answer:  See above.

“How can I prevent someone from squatting in a house, if I purchase it and live in the US most of the year?”

Answer: Good question, it depends on where you live.  If you live on the beach or remote areas, you usually have a caretaker live there and watch place for you year round.  If you live in town or in New Mahahual (Casitas), you can have neighbors watch it or rent it out for year.  This is not as bad as Belize, pretty safe here, just have caretaker if in remote area.

Can you please tell me when your low season is, and have you noticed that there are more rentals available during this time, from your experience? We will be moving from Thailand mid next year so perhaps we should plan it to move at a time when many expats have moved on elsewhere for the season. Is it mostly apartments there for long term residents/expats? We would definitely fancy something like a free standing 1 bedroom casita just a bit out of town more.

Thank you in advance for any info!”

Answer:  Our low season here is May untill October, and yes there are a lot of rentals available during low season, and some “house sitting jobs” also.  You can also find decent rentals during high season also, because Mahahual is growing, and more rentals are being built.


“Great article on the Monarchs, good to hear they are doing well. We see some in SE Texas when they migrate but we didn’t notice a numerical difference from previous years this year. However, we didn’t have a winter this year and early spring blooming of trees and plants is well under way. A topic I hope Stewart will address is the infrastructure in Mahahual? Is there city sewer and water and if there is, how far does it extend and are there any plans to increase existing sewer and water. Same with electricity, is there a city generated electrical grid and future plans for extending the grid north and south. For people considering buying/building retirement homes or starting a business, this would be great information to have.”

Answer:  Another good question.  The infrastructure in Mahahual and along the malecon and in New Mahahual (Casitas) is good.  There is city water and sewer, power, cable, internet, and almost everything you need.  The malecon has extended south, and they have added all the services that way.  The farther north and south you go along the beach roads the less infrastructure there is.  I just heard some residents in Rio Indio and Placer have been recently hooked up with power.  Most of the remote beach houses use solar power or generators, and it will take a while to get all the services there.  Even a lot of the eco-resorts here are off the grid.  Where I live near the port I have all the city services, water, sewer, power, and internet, all rates very reasonable compared to the USA and Canada.  They have future plans for a golf course here, so I am sure infrastructure is on their top of the list here.

“Thanks so much for the lovely pictures, Stewart! I am personally “freezing to death” here in Tucson, AZ!! I will be glad when “the winter” leaves here too. 😉 Love your blogs! —”

Thanks for the comment.

So, I hoped I answered some questions some of you might have.  If I missed yours or an email, let me know.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

3 thoughts on “Comments and Questions for Febuary 2016

  1. Gil Johnson says:

    I just finished building a home in the biosphere which has the most amazing beaches in the Costa Maya. The process is difficult but well worth the challenge. If it were easy, it would not be as special as it is. Be happy to answer any questions.

    • Val olmstead says:

      How much does it cost to get connected to the electrical grid? I am looking at some properties near rio Indio and they say it is now available but I don t know who to contact regarding the process and cost

      • Not sure about the cost of getting connected. I would speak to a realtor as they are typically the go-to person for all of that info. Contact Carlos or Monica at Costa Maya Realty.

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