Mexico sees great tourism potential in the U.S. Hispanic market


I came across this article this past week in the Yucatan Times, and I thought I would share.  I am seeing this more and more now in Mahahual.  I  have met a lot of Hispanic people from the USA  lately off of cruise ships, and they asked me a lot of questions about life here.

I have met people from Texas, Louisiana, Florida, California, Arizona, and several other places in the USA, who are of Hispanic descent, and they all loved Mahahual, and inquired either about vacationing, or retiring here.

I have also noticed an increase in Hispanics approaching retirement inquiring about Mahahual as a retirement destination.

So I noticed this article and I am posting today.

Mexico sees great tourism potential in the U.S. Hispanic market

During the 14th National Tourism Forum that took place in February, an analysis roundtable entitled “A new market: Hispanic” was held. The main focus of the conversation, revolved around the potential of the Hispanic market living in the United States.

According to Francisco de la Torre Galindo, director of the Institute of Mexicans abroad, Hispanics are a new market that represents a great opportunity to continue promoting tourism in Mexico.

Approximately 35 million Hispanics of Mexican origin currently living in the United States, are the potential market that could visit Mexico. It’s important to take advantage of those who even though they live in the US, are still somewhat connected to Mexico (since their roots are there), so they can encounter with their origins, through tourism.


Rodrigo Esponda, Regional Director for North America of the Mexico Tourism Board, said, as quoted in an article in “El Zocalo”, that as of now, Mexico is creating a special campaign for the Hispanic US market, through spots, inviting potential travelers to discover the great things the nation offers.

This advertising strategy will be launched on television, magazines, digital channels and social networks, and will be presented in English and Spanish in order to reach Mexicans, and those who are of Hispanic origin, born in U.S.

The campaign will talk about personal stories, as this market has a certain impression of Mexico, which is the main base, but they also seek to show the Mexico they want to create.

Pedro Niembro, of ManattJones Global Strategies, a business consulting company, also said during the event that the Hispanic market has a strong interest in medical tourism, and said that they attract more than one million patients to Mexico, most of them from the United States, which come in search of dental, ophthalmological and cosmetic surgeries and other treatments.

Finally, he said that it is still necessary to create strategies to position Mexican medicine as a sector of great quality.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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