Vet Services in Mahahual

The article I wrote last week about spotting a black panther at my house here, got a lot of responses and inquiries.  First of all I want to add that I know the animal I saw was a black jaguar, and not a black panther, technically.  I am from South Carolina, and we call black cougars there, black panthers, and even the Carolina NFL team has the black panther as the team name.

So out of habit and in the title of my article I put “Black Panther”, when I should have said “Jaguar”.  The article attracted a lot of attention, so using “Panther” probably helped.

I got contacted by the local vet the other day because of my article.  She told me they are trying to track the black jaguar here, because they are not many ever reported in this area of Mexico.  So I  guess my sighting the other day was even rarer than I thought.

After I gave her all the information about my black jaguar sighting, I asked her to write me up something about her and her veterinarian business here.  I get a lot of inquiries on this blog about pets , and can people bring their pets with them to Mahahual, and what are the vet services here.  I think a lot of retirees are interested in bringing their pets with them down from the USA and Canada, and she might be able to answer any questions that people may have.

My name is Mónica Carral García, I graduated of Veterinary college in 2006.

I worked as a veterinarian technician in my early student years , then  I spent 4 years working in African Safari zoo. There, I learnt a lot about animal training and behavior of different species (chimpanzees, tapirs, hyenas, bears, giraffes, jaguars, tigers, elephants.) Our  animal welfare team and me were invited to Colombia and Guatemala to share our knowledge about zoo animals and how to improve their quality of life with environmental enrichment. After that in 2012, my veterinarian services were requested to look after big cat cubs here in Mahahual; this was the first time I saw Mahahual and I loved it, so, I moved here indefinitely.

In my experience living here, people who are coming on vacation or to live here permanently with their pets must realize this is a wild neotropical environment where their pets can get some nasty things, like ticks and mosquito stings. The best thing they can do for their beloved animals is PREVENTION, monthly frontline/advantix and heartworm pills would help to reduce the risk of acquiring  the most important diseases in the region, ehrlichiosis, anaplasmosis and heartworm infection.

As  you know, Mahahual  has a stray dogs/cats problem. In the past months, a group of people and I have been working together with an NGO in Chetumal to do low-cost sterilization campaigns,  raising money to help  people who don’t have the opportunity but want to get their pets spayed/neutered.

My services are:

Small animals Consultation

Health certificates


Basic Grooming


Pet sitting

Dog training  (Basic obedience training, some behavioral issues, socialization)

Dog walks


Facebook: Veterinaria Mahahual


Phone number: 983.155.66.67

So if you have any vet questions or inquiries about pets, get in touch with Monica she can answer your questions, and help you out with your vet services in Mahahual.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

One thought on “Vet Services in Mahahual

  1. I would just like to say that Monica is absolutely wonderful and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
    When my Chesapeake Bay Retriever Chuy was attacked by a Cougar last New Year’s eve she did not hesitate to come all the way out to my house at 3 a.m. to treat him. He had 2 fang puncture wounds to his throat, one quite deep, and I have no doubt he would have died had it not been for Monica’s rapid and caring response.

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