You Don’t Need a Car in Mahahual

Mahahual malecon.

One of my favorite aspects of my life here in Mahahual is, I don’t need to own a car to get around.  I ride a bike every where, do all my errands, and shop on my bike.

I don’t have to pay for gas, car insurance, car maintenance, oil, and all the other upkeep expenses that come with owning a car.  All I have to worry about now is keeping air in my tires, and oiling my bike chain every now and then, and I love it.

If I never own or drive a car again I will be happy.  I used to hate all the time I used to spend in a car when I lived in the USA.  I hated my daily commute to work, and I hated spending a couple of hours a day driving back and forth to work, and running errands.  Here I enjoy my commute back and forth now on my bike.  There is nothing like riding a bike down the malecon with the Mexican Caribbean scenery as a back drop, and breathing that clean pure sea air.

Mexican Caribbean. Mahahual

I also get to see a lot of nature as I cruise around on my bike.  I see iguanas all the time, exotic birds, and the other day I came across a black jaguar on my bike.  I also see a lot of my neighbors and people I know along my bike route each day.  I get a lot of greetings and “holas” on my daily bike trek.

Also me being a diabetic, it is good for me to get exercise, and riding a bike every where here is good for my health.  Not having a car, I walk or ride my bike every where, and stay active.  In Mahahual it is easy to get around on a bike, and a lot of expats ride bikes around here. I see women every day here riding their bikes back and forth from yoga classes. You can ride from New Mahahual, (Casitas), to the beach in about five minutes, and I do it every day.

For instance today, I rode my bike to the mayor’s office to pay electric bill, and then rode my bike to pay the water bill.  After that I did some shopping, picked up lunch, and came home.  I did all of that, and also got some good exercise, and I did not need a car.  I got a basket on my bike for groceries, and I carry a back pack, so I can pick up what I need.

I also like the fact, I don’t have the hassles of owning a car.  I don’t have to work on a car, worry about it getting stolen or damaged, washing it, and any of the other headaches of having a car. I don’t have to worry about traffic accidents, crazy drivers running me off the road, drunk drivers, and people texting while they are driving.  We have very few fatal traffic accidents here in Mahahual.  Also we are very eco-friendly here in Mahahual, so the fewer cars here, the better for the environment.

The taxis here are only 20 pesos, so you can get around here pretty cheap, if you don’t want to ride your bike, or if you are here staying a hotel.  People ask me all the time should they rent a car when they come to Mahahual.  I usually tell them no, because once you get to Mahahual, you will not use it much, and it will stay parked most of the time.  If you are driving down from Cancun, and wanting to go to Bacalar, Xcalak, or Chetumal while you are in Mahahual, then yes you might want to rent a car.

So if you are like me, and can live without owning a car, and like riding a bike around and taking in nature, Mahahual and the Mexican Caribbean might be right for you.  I know that as long as I am in Mahahual, my car owning days are over.  If I never drive a car again it will not disappoint me, I have spent too much of my life already behind a wheel of a car.  I now commute on a bike, and I am happy doing just that.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


2 thoughts on “You Don’t Need a Car in Mahahual

  1. A jaguar! Man that’s something. I think I saw a coati up in Rio Indio, but it might have been a crab-eating raccoon. Seen a couple of them around town.

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