Jaguar Monitoring Photos from Ejido Noh-Bec, Quintana Roo

After I wrote my article about my black jaguar spotting at my house last week, I got a lot of responses and comments.  I even had someone on Facebook send me some photos of a jaguar (Panthera onca) monitoring project going on now in the Ejido Noh-Bec.

Noh-Bec is a village about 60 or 70 kilometers from Mahahual, off of highway 307.  They currently have cameras set up in the area there to monitor the jaguars in the jungle surrounding the village.  These are photos from their cameras showing jaguars in the wild, and other species of jungle wildlife.

These photos are from the Ejido Noh-Bec community Facebook page, as well as a statement from the Ejido Noh-Bec…….

“We make an effort to care for our forests and wildlife preserve. And these images serve to raise awareness and youth and children know their resources and learn to respect them.”

Here are some photos of some other animals captured with camera.

This is a Tapir.

Kambul, Hocofaisan, rare bird here.

Fox, or Zorro.


I hope you have enjoyed these photos from the jungle around Noh-Bec, I will try to get more in the future.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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