New Efficiency Apartments for Rent in Mahahual

Lately I have been getting bombarded with emails and requests concerning rental properties here in Mahahual.  Right now I have four or five people looking for places to rent this summer from a month to six month stay.  I have never gotten any rental requests in the past for low season, and this is a first.

People looking to rent off of my blog are usually looking for a place with air conditioning, internet, hot water, kitchen, and furnished.  We call that “Gringo ready” here.  This past winter almost everything was booked solid, and rentals were hard to find.

There has been a lot of new development and building going on now, because of all the new demand for rentals in Mahahual.  Several places now are under construction, and one has just completed construction and is ready to start accepting rentals.

The brand new plaza rooms (which I call efficiency apartments) are located on the Paseo del Puerto, at the corner of Bacalar and Kohunlich, right in the center of New Mahahual.  These apartments are all modern, furnished, and ready for you to move in.

There are two different apartments for rent…

1. Apartment double bed, ceiling fans, hamaqueros fridge, stove, microwave, utensils for 2 people, trash can, breakfast bar with 2 banks, closet with drawers and hanging clothes section, teapot, bathroom air conditioner….. 5,000 pesos a month.

2. Little wider apartment, king size bed, and same features as apartment above…..5,500 pesos a month.

All apartments and include payment of: gas, water, light internet. The contract is made for the months you want to occupy the apartment.

Cleaning fee for either daily or weekly is optional, it includes change of sheets and fresh towels.
Parking available and private door access entrance.
So if you are looking for a place to rent here in Mahahual, and you want all the luxuries of the good old USA. These plaza rooms are great, all you need is your tooth-brush and you are ready to move in.  If you are interested in renting one of these apartments, contact me at, or hit me up on Facebook.
Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

3 thoughts on “New Efficiency Apartments for Rent in Mahahual

  1. Michelle Zimdahl says:

    If have intrest in another completely different and unique lifestyle request, for an apt. Call me. Gringo ready now!! Let me know. I sent you pictures on messenger. The apartment is completely furnished and ready to move in. Xaczil Ha km 10.4 on the beach rd.

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