Silver Reef Silver Shop Mahahual Village Update

Update: Silver Reef Silver Shop in Mahahual, now has a Facebook page. Now you can see all the items they make and have for sale here.

Silver Reef has also expanded and added air conditioning in their shop.  They also do custom orders.  So you can special order some silver products and pick them up when you arrive on your cruise ship in Costa Maya.

They also have expanded their inventory and their custom jewelry.  So when you come to Mahahual, stop in for a visit and shop in air-conditioned comfort.

If you are coming to Mahahual on a cruise ship, or visiting on vacation and you want some fine quality silver and jewelry, you might want to visit the Silver Reef shop on the malecon here.

Since 2002, Silver Reef, a jewelry shop specializing in Mexican silver, has been in business on the malecon here in Mahahual. They were one of the first businesses to open on the malecon in Mahahual, right after the cruise ship port was built. David Benitez, and his wife Suni specialize in .925 and .950 silver the best in Mexico. They also sell opals, and jewelry of Maya design.

They moved here 13 years ago, and are originally form Taxco, the best silver mining district in Mexico. It is also the biggest producer of silver in the world. They moved to Mahahual because they like the quiet and tranquil life here, and there is no crime.

At Silver Reef they make their own jewelry, and it comes with a trademark, letter of authenticity and quality certificate. They only sell the finest quality .925 and .950 silver, the best you can get.

There is no sales person, so you deal direct with the owner, to get the best price. The shop has been here since the port opened, and they get a lot of repeat business from cruise ships. You can even design your own jewelry and they can make it for you. Their prices are about 50% less than the port prices. The silver’s purity they sell is protected by law.

They also have a Maya gift shop where they sell gifts, pottery, and other Maya related articles. So if you are visiting off of a cruise ship or are in town for vacation, stop by and take a look inside. Best deal on the malecon.

Here is a comment from a recent customer.


“If you are in Mahahual, make sure you stop by the Silver Reef. David is not only a gifted silver jeweler, but is veryproud and knowledgeable of his country’s history and folklore. Beautiful jewelry and great storyteller”
So check out their Facebook page to see all the silver and other items they have before you come here on vacation or a cruise.  You can even order something specially made, and pick it up when you get here.
Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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