Another Rental Option in Mahahual

As I mentioned earlier on another article, for some reason I am getting a bunch of rental requests lately.  I even have people looking for rentals this summer, that has never happened before.

So, I have been asking around town and on Facebook if anyone has any rental properties available now here in Mahahual.  Most of the people contacting me about looking to rent here in Mahahual, either want to rent in New Mahahual (Casitas), or on the malecon.

Well I got a response from a woman who has property here, and has an apartment for rent down on the Xcalak road south of town.  This would be a good option for someone looking to get away from it all.  So I am going to provide information and the contact email and phone number.

“If  you have interest in another completely different and unique lifestyle request, for an apartment. Call me. Gringo ready now!! Let me know. The apartment is completely furnished and ready to move in. Xaczil Ha km 10.4 on the beach rd.”  Michelle Zimdahl.

Here is the information she provided me for her rental….

“There is plenty of secured parking and the apartment is completely furnished….. dishes, pots, pans, beds, bedding, towels, and furniture too. There are lots of secured parking, groundskeeper, night Watchman power, Water & Trash included. the house is completely off the grid but there is plenty of water and plenty of solar power the only thing the solar will not support is air conditioning. 600 US dollars or 9900 pesos @ 16.5 Exchange. So the apartment is the lower level of the house stays quite cool. It’s a great little apartment there’s about 550 square feet of apartment, big bathroom, good size bedroom, and then open eating living area. There is probably another 500 square feet of patio and some of that is covered.”

So if you are looking for some place to rent in Mahahual in the future, and you want to be totally off the grid, you might want to check out this place.

Contact:, u.s. phone is 719-648-6116.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina



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