New Costa Maya Mahahual Video

Here is a video about Mahahual from a Facebook group page here, Costa Maya Mahahual.  there is also a brief description of Mahahual.

“The small fishing village of Mahahual is the ideal place for you to enjoy a dream holiday, carefree and away from the busy life of the big cities place. This small fishing village has the only cruise ship pier south of Quintana Roo, because it is a strategic point from which you can make a strategic route along the coast where adventures abound. Start the day surfing the lagoon area born breakwater formed by the reef. Dive into turquoise waters, snorkeling and discover unimaginable beauty.

Sea lovers and adventure will find 20 minutes from the coast by sea a submarine paradise, Banco Chinchorro, the country’s largest coral atoll. Inside lagoon mangrove covered cays that harbor a variety of flora and fauna emerge. You can swim around and admire fish and turtles to dolphins and sharks among wrecks of all ages.”

Let’s enjoy the beauties of paradise in Mahahual Quintana Roo

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


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