Some Funny Mexican Videos

I don’t feel like getting too deep or serious today on this blog, so today I am going to share some hilarious videos about Mexico and its culture today.  The other day someone sent me a You Tube video about how if Mexicans celebrated July 4th, like Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo, very funny.  I shared that video, and it was very popular here on this blog.

I also noticed several other videos comparing Mexican culture vs. the culture in the USA, and they are funny.  I, myself being from South Carolina, never had much exposure to the Mexican and Latin culture until I moved to Mexico.  I know in Texas and places like California, the average person is much more exposed to the Mexican culture, than those of us from the Deep South.

So here are some videos I find quite amusing and I hope you do also.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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