Mahahual Questions and Comments April 2016

Things have kind of slowed down here lately in Mahahual.  I am not getting a lot of comments or questions lately because the weather has warmed up, and not many people are inquiring about coming to Mahahual this time of year.

So today I am going to share some questions and comments I have gotten over the last month or so.  First some questions, then some comments.

“Dr. Valasco….I am coming to your area to investigate opportunities to relocate from the US in May. I am curious if you are accepting new patients and in knowing if some of my medications currently being taken are available in Mexico. I am particularly interested in: “Trulicity” (dulaglutide injection) 1.5mg/0.5 mL and Axiron (topical solution). Thank you very much!”

I could not find Dr. Velasco she is now in Playa del Carmen, but I did get in touch with Dr. Marlon Avalos, here is his answer…  “Well I can tell you that the first medication is not available, the second one it can be found but as pill not as a patch, and only in Cancun area.”

“My husband and I are traveling from Texas to Mexico in July for a two week adventure. We are carrying our backpacks with a tent. Are there any places to pitch a tent in Majahual? Side note: I do not speak Spanish, but my husband grew up in Mexico and lived 15 years in Cozumel.

We are also hoping to find places to camp around Tulum and Akumal, if you have any recommendations.

We have been getting a lot of campers and RVs camping near the lighthouse I have noticed lately.

We have been getting a lot of campers and RVs camping near the lighthouse I have noticed lately.

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Yes there are plenty of places here in Mahahual to pitch a tent or camp out.  The most popular place it seems at the moment is camping around the Mahahual lighthouse.  You can also camp out at several other places in town on the beach.  You should also be able to find some camping sites in Akumal and Tulum, you also might want to try Xcalak and Bacalar, good luck on your trip.

“Hi, I’m interested in renting a small place for a couple months this December/January. When I went to email you my computer warned me this was a possibly a fraudulent site. Hopefully this isn’t the case and you can help. Look forward to your response.”

This is a safe site, don’t worry.  In the near future starting next month, I will doing a monthly listing of some of the rentals available here during high season.  I have already written articles about some of the rental options here.

“Mr. Steward Rogers, I spent time north of Majajual in the Siaan Kiaan Biosphere in the early naughts. it looks from Google Earth that the from 2009 pics to 2016 pics there has been a lot of development. I would like to open a dialogue with you about the area as i am eager to return with my family for a visit. I presently reside in Texas, though have lived all over, and am considering retiring in Merida and/or in the biosphere.

I hope you find me worthy of reply.”

Yes, there has been some development in the biosphere, but not a whole lot.

“Would a world-traveler/writer/ single grandmother feel out of place living in Majahual? I’ve seen it “grow” since the port first opened and gravitate toward it when I think “time to retire.” Will be on the Veendam March 11 to walk the streets and feel….”

Don’t worry we have a bunch of grandmothers here in Mahahual, and a very diverse set of expats, I am sure you will like living and retiring in Mahahual.

The house looks really nice. My wife and I are planning a visit shortly and are hoping we can communicate via email about the prospects of living in Mahahual. I see you sign everything with a South Carolina tagline. Do you live full-time in the U.S. or part-time in Mahahual? Please write via email…Retired in Florida”

Yes, I live in Mahahual and Mexico year round.

Now some comments I have gotten lately.

“[…] everyone, crime is rare. I want to be somewhere we feel safe in our home and in town. Check out Stewart’s post detailing the crime in Mahahual. That’s a great recommendation from someone who’s lived […]”

“I would hardly trust this “US media”. Check their web pages. Not very serious. And they hardly know how to write English…
They have a lot of funny 10 best… Like: the world’s 10 best generals etc
Has nothing to do with ABC. It’s just an online forum.”

“I just finished building a home in the biosphere which has the most amazing beaches in the Costa Maya. The process is difficult but well worth the challenge. If it were easy, it would not be as special as it is. Be happy to answer any questions.”

Response to my Donald Trump article.

“Good Post. As an American who has visited Mexico many times, driven thousands of kilometers exploring the Yucatan with no, none, zero incidents to report other than the helpful policia in Valladolid, I would like to apologize to all of the good people in Mexico for the stupidity of Donald Trump and others. Please be assured the Noise you are hearing from Trump and his followers do not represent most Americans. Understand that the Republicans have been sowing fear seeds for many years in the United States and they have now sprouted. Racism is at an all time high, radical gun militant groups are proliferating, the National Rifle Association has spread fear among elected officials that reasonable gun control legislation dies on the vine. And speaking of dying, the number of Americans dying from gun violence is the highest in the world. We are America, we will survive and eventually common sense will prevail. But for now, enjoy the Mexican culture and your Mexican heritage, a very proud heritage. Have a cold cerveza for me and my wife, we will see our good neighbors and friends in Mexico in the very near future.”

“Yes, please do. I am tired of the US looking stupid to the entire world. Time for us folks who are not racists and bigots to speak up and take our country back.”

“Hola Stewart, First I want to thank you for showing my wife Robin and me around the casitas a couple of weeks ago. I also want to say (while it is embarrassing) GO Donald! He is spending a lot of money and if he wins the Republican nomination, all that he is doing is insuring that the Republicans don’t stand a snowball’s chance of winning the general election. Elections in this country are won or lost by a few percentage points and he sure isn’t going to make it hard for the people in the middle to decide what is best for the USA or our position in the world.”

“Hopefully Trump will read this along with the rest of America, very well said! My wife and I are planning on spending a significant amount of time in Mahahual, probably beginning in 2017 and this blog vocalizes our feelings. The US of A is full of immigrants, my family, Irish and German, my wife, Hispanic/Mayan. Other than Native Americans, we are all immigrants but somehow that has morphed in to an American culture of bigotry and racism instead of pride. What happened? Fear mongering, blame, euphemisms like “free stuff” “those people” “job takers” and the list goes on. Do we ever read about some fat white corporate big shot going to jail for taking advantage of the people who are willing to work for low wages that illegally cross in to the States. If someone has, send me the name please and what corporation. As an American I beg the good people of Mexico to ignore the rantings and ravings prevalent in American politics. Look to the Americans you know personally like the person who wrote this blog to see the real America and a real American. My wife and I cannot wait to share and learn the culture of Mexico and hopefully learn all of your names and please be patient with our Spanish until we are more fluent. Vaya Con Dios Amigos!”

Comment about the vet here, Monica.

“I would just like to say that Monica is absolutely wonderful and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
When my Chesapeake Bay Retriever Chuy was attacked by a Cougar last New Year’s eve she did not hesitate to come all the way out to my house at 3 a.m. to treat him. He had 2 fang puncture wounds to his throat, one quite deep, and I have no doubt he would have died had it not been for Monica’s rapid and caring response.”

“That is some great info.
I have had similar blog earlier about how a country or province has multiple timezone n how it creates lot of confusion.

The solution provided is interesting and helpful. Thanks for the share”.

“Equador will be #2 now, recent reports of murder and robbery by angry locals raiding local expats homes and police taking an hour to show up in american expat friendly equador expat towns, has caused many to sell and pack up and move. locals decided they could get away with it and they have. so far.”

“I enjoy reading your blog, as I wait for my time to move to Mexico when I retire! Reading your blog makes me want to leave now.”

“Thanks for sharing this article. I really don’t care what people call me; I am a person who was born in the U.S. but who now lives permanently in Mexico. But what this article doesn’t address is the political power, and the sometimes elitist meaning, of the word “expat.” Whether the expats I know came to Mexico for a better life, a work transfer, or personal reasons, we are hardly every called immigrants. What aren’t the immigrants, Mexican or other, legal or illegal, who live in the U.S. ever called expats?”

“I have become a fan, and visit QR places each year I’m there. Your info has filled in some data I was looking for. I am particularly interested and fascinated with Chunyaxche. I made contact with one of Pablo Coba-Cama’s sons and also met a local that works at the preserve. He has offered to guide a one day in-depth
exploration and to also meet Coba’s oldest son who was 6 in 1961. I would love to have some interested people join me.”

“Stuart this is like music to my ears.
For years I’ve planned on being in Mahahual and the closers it gets the more I want to be there.
Thanks for all the posts and pics.
Just so happens I’ll be doing a ton of writing and video with a drone when I arrive.

I’m currently writing an extensive paper for a literature class at my college on the town of Xcalak and all it has to offer. I stayed in the town for 3 months to start off 2014 and couldn’t help but reflect on the unique yet quirky beauty of the place.
In my search, you seem to be the most knowledgable person about the town and it’s history. I am required to talk to at least one person and get a more personal and in-depth story of Xcalak, and was wondering if I could email you with a couple questions in the next couple days?
Thank you for your time!
Best wishes,”

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina






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