Question Regarding Information on Infrastructure in Mahahual

I got this question a little while back, and I decided I would answer this question in a separate post.  It is not your average question I get, so I had to do a little research and ask some questions.  I will post the question, and answer it to the best of my ability.

Costa Maya Port.

Costa Maya Port.


Hola Stewart:
I was thinking that one of your blog articles that a lot of people may be interested in is, Mahahual’s infrastructure. For people who are thinking of buying property, existing homes and possible business start ups like my wife and I are considering, the existing infrastructure or lack or would be good to know. City water? City sewer? Electrical grid and how far they extend in either direction from Mahahual. If they do not exist, what do homeowners/business owners do for waste removal from flushing toilets, gray water from showers etc, any information would be beneficial to anyone thinking of making Mahahual or the surrounding area home.
Thank you, Lisa and I hope to meet you in the near future and buy you a beer or twenty at the Tropicante. We have been delayed on several planned trips back to Mahahual due to a new business venture we started last May but hope to be back to Mahahual in late summer early Fall for another fact finding trip and enjoyment/relaxation.

Steve Heide
Mexican Caribbean. Mahahual.

Mexican Caribbean. Mahahual.

First of all good question.  Now I will try to answer.  Yes we have city water, sewer, internet and power on the both the malecon and New Mahahual, (the Casitas, as the locals call it), to the beaches north and south of town, not so much.  The infrastructure in New Mahahual and downtown Mahahual is a relatively new and modern system, so everything works to standard guidelines.

I do know in some remote areas like Rio Indio and Placer, electricity is hard to get at the moment, but it can be added to the grid, but you pay for that yourself, and arrange that with the power company here.  A lot of the remote beach homes here are totally off the grid, and use solar power and generators, and water cisterns for water.

The electrical grid covers all of New Mahahual, and Barrio 55, and extends south of town and covers the new addition of the malecon.  So now the electrical grid on the malecon extends from Caban Condos on the other side of the light house here, to Arenas Hotel, I think, on the extreme southern end of the malecon.  So basically there is electric power throughout the populated areas here in Mahahual.

As the malecon in Mahahual extends more south and north, power will be available to anything located along that grid.  I don’t see power extended to the remote areas around Mahahual at the moment, but maybe in the future.

City water and sewer are about the same as the electrical locations, in New Mahahual and downtown Mahahual there is both city water and sewer.  The only difference between the sewer system here and the ones in the USA and Canada is, we don’t flush toilet paper here.  You put your used toilet paper in a separate bin, and don’t flush because it clogs the lines,( 4″ pipes are used here), and is bad for the environment here.  You have to remember Mahahual is an ecological protected village, and the less sewage waste the better.

Almost all the houses here have water cisterns on top of the house, and the water company pumps water to those a couple of times a week, I think, maybe more. So if you live in the village and town you always have fresh water.

As far as “grey water”, there is a new sewage and water treatment planned and should be under construction soon, I have been told.  I don’t think we have a big problem with “grey water” here, at least not to my knowledge.  I have asked around about “grey water”, and all I get in return is just blank stares.  So if we had a problem here with “grey water”, I am sure I would have heard about it.

I asked an expert in town, and here is what I could find out about “grey water” here. “Grey water” can be dumped into sand and ground, “black water” cannot be dumped into sand.  If you build or have a house in New Mahahual or Mahahual you do not need to do an Environmental Impact Study, that has already been done to control “grey” and “black water”, and it is approved for construction.  If you are building on a remote beach or area, you have to do and pay for the Environmental Impact Study yourself.

So far in Mahahual, I have lived in Barrio 55, New Mahahual, on the malecon in an apartment above the Tropicante, and in the “Hammock House” on the south end of the malecon and I have had city power and water in all those locations with no problems I could see.

So I hope I have answered your question, and if anybody out there wants to chime in with their opinion or any experiences, feel free to comment in the comment section below.

So to answer the question almost of Mahahual has totally modern electrical system, sewer and water service, and all the other services you need to live a comfortable life on the Mexican Caribbean.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


One thought on “Question Regarding Information on Infrastructure in Mahahual

  1. Donna Norstadt says:

    I purchased a casita 4 years ago on the 4th street in and had no problems with power or water, except to have to replace electrical lines from the meter to my CfE box because they were not good ones originally installed. Internet took a while with installation but eventually was supplied by Telmex and good. I purchased a second new house on AV Caribe(a side street in the casitas). It had no power. I tried for 5 months and eventually after 6 trips to Bacalar and Chetumal, I discovered I needed a transformer. I paid the money for this transformer and am currently waiting for installation. So even though sales of lots in the casitas is sold and advertised as “services available “. You better do your home work to make sure the extra costs you will have to pay to get those services. The Internet, sewer lines and electrical lines were not placed in the entire area prior to the black top roads being installed. I also have to dig my own trench in the blacktop for 90 meters for the Telmex internet service. I remain hopeful this will all happen soon , I love Mahahual and can’t wait to get into this house once I have power.

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