Mexico Number 2 on 11 Dirt Cheap Places to Buy a Vacation Home

I came across this article yesterday, and I thought I would share.  Mexico was listed in the number two position behind Argentina as the cheapest place in the world to buy a second home, or vacation home.

I got to thinking, Mahahual is probably one of the cheapest places in Mexico to buy a second home.  I am sure this study includes Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and other expat locales for retiring or buying a vacation home.  Mahahual is a lot cheaper to buy a second home than most of the other expat destinations, but does not get the publicity that the Rivera Maya and other places get.


While not all places on this list will give you exactly luxury, most of them will come pretty close. This article looks at places around the world, where you can purchase a home and live in relative luxury with a poor man’s salary. The locales cover Asia, South America, Europe, and yes, even the United States.

2) Mexico

Americans have known how inexpensive Mexico is…well, for as long as Mexico has been around. In fact, many Americans have gone from their weekend trips across the border to moving across the border. Even doing a quick online search you will find Americans living on less than $700 a month, and that includes pretty much everything, including sightseeing and traveling.

What makes Mexico so inexpensive? First off, there is a lot of poverty. The economy, while ticking up recently, is still fairly unstable. There are a slew of problems however many resort towns and affluent areas can provide the amenities you need, and likely want.

Further searching revealed that for $700 a month, you can find a 1 to 2-bedroom apartment (a nice one) in a beach town. The apartment will include all utilities as well as internet. This will also cover food, sightseeing, and a bit of traveling.


For the complete list go to the website listed above.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


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  1. Rene says:

    Gratulations son ……to you brenda and mij great children….i hoop to be soon a few days????? are mayby a stay for ever…..kisses from dad and grandpa…

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