La Palapa ArteSana Internet Cafe · Cultural Gifts Store, Mahahual

There is a lot of new development on the south end of town now since the new addition to the malecon has been finished.  I even have to admit it, I don’t go down on that side of the malecon much, but there is a lot of new activity and businesses popping up down there.

One of theses new businesses is La Palapa ArteSana located a couple of doors down from Cabanas de Doctor.  La Palapa ArteSana is a cultural gift shop, internet cafe, and also have yoga classes.  They sell arts and crafts, local health products, minerals, and coffee and tea, all from botanical origins.

The owners and operators are Geert Vanhaecke and his wife Brenda Gonzalez.  Geert is originally from Belgium, and has lived in Mexico and Canada also.  Brenda is from Mexico, and they have four children Eduardo, Kyana, Lia, and Kirtan.  They and their children have been in Mahahual several years now.

Geert told me they were traveling around Mexico on vacation, and stopped here in Mahahual by chance.  They loved the beaches here, and the natural environment, so they decided it was the right place to raise their children.  Like a lot of locals I have met in the past in Mahahual, they stopped here by accident, and end up staying and making Mahahual their home.  Their children like Mahahual as well, and they home school their children here.

Geert started working at the port when he first got here, and later decided to open their own business.  They settled on the south scenic route on the malecon, and opened their business there.

They sell a wide range of products at La Palapa.  Everything from coffee and tea, natural juices, natural foods, body oils, hair care products, spices, and even natural cereals.  They also sell minerals like obsidian, amethyst, amber, and jade jewelry.  They accept credit cards, one of the few gift shops in Mahahual that does.


La Palapa is also an outlet where local artists sell their products.  They also trade and barter with local artisans for art and supplies.  Volcanic glass, natural insect repellent for pets and humans, and natural eco-friendly sun screens.  They also sell cocoanut oil, hot sauces, and a lot of other products produced locally.  There is also a lot of tourist information and souvenirs there for cruise ship tourists.

Brenda also does yoga classes.  She teaches the Kundalini style of yoga.  You can sign up for classes on their Facebook page, or walk in.  The yoga classes are very popular here, and a lot of the expats here do yoga.  Everybody in the family works, and on cruise ship day their son sells cocoanuts to tourists on the malecon on cruise ship day.

Their business is really growing and the whole south end of the malecon is starting to show development, and attracting more tourists.  La Palapa ArteSana is located 200 meters south of the fishing pier on the south extension of the malecon, located between Luna de Plata and Cabanas de Doctor.

So if you are looking for some place different, head down south and check out La Palapa ArteSan and check out their internet cafe, and all the products they sell and service.

You can check them out for yourself on their Facebook page.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


8 thoughts on “La Palapa ArteSana Internet Cafe · Cultural Gifts Store, Mahahual

  1. Linda Durst says:

    Stewart, have never commented on any of your blogs but this one is just too funny! Is “natural incest repellent” a big seller?

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