Mahahual Cruzando Fronteras Festival

The Mahahual Cruzando Fronteras Festival kicks off today, and runs through next week.

The festival

We are dreamers and we attracted a great challenge: to create a Cultural Festival a cultures around the world without borders.

The intention is to invite Mahahual writers, artists, craftsmen, directors, writers, and musicians, without putting limits (do not have borders, even living in the last frontier, we reject the very idea of “limit” or “border”, because we love cross them, overcome them, and amalgamate) to this mix of artists from different cultural backgrounds; and also created within the activities of the week workshops, courses, debates, a kind of “mutual pollution of knowledge” under the aegis of a Ecoturistico Pueblo, Mahahual, which has so much to teach while anxious to learn and know. Therefore there will also be dedicated to exhibitions of materials produced during the Festival and those brought by the guest artists spaces.

The Festival aims to bring together a series of events, or rather, a wide range of annual events involving the institutions of the participating countries to consolidate an appointment that aims not only to meet the needs of art and culture of the inhabitants of Quintana roo, but especially to further develop the innate ecological awareness of its people and to provide the largest in Mexican territorial waters international support for the protection of coral reef. Here is the Mayan culture and is the source of many of its inhabitants; their language is still spoken and written.

The aim of the Festival is to offer a thousand “tastes” without cause “indigestion” of grandstanding. They participate internationally famous people, along with countless artisans less known to the public intellect, but able to leave their “footprint”.

The locals are small, but stubborn and Mahahual has accustomed us to walk and sail against the wind.

Mahahual is also a positive example of multicultural integration where cohabit Mayan elders and others from different regions of Mexico besides Italian, English, Dutch, Spanish, French, American, German and Lebanese. All they motivated by a “pioneer frontier spirit” in the search, above all, a different quality of life and who often leave behind large cities, each in their own way and for different reasons, are considered fugitives: “Our leak is a sign of rebellion, a sign of vitality, the search for a new world. Many envy us because “we all” sea, sun, nature, a quiet life without stress clock. But no, what we lack culture. Therefore, we propose an exchange: you, men of letters and art, otórguenos their experience, their knowledge and in exchange we will donate them our wealth, serenity, joy of life, the rediscovery of Mother Earth. All together, mavericks, visionaries and intellectuals, not only will Mahahual a beautiful place to live or spend a few weeks of detoxification, but also a laboratory of ideas, proposals and models, which will create new ways to show that change is possible. Ours is a challenge for those who feel the need to dream, to nurture utopias. The Festival will not be a goal to reach, but a collective journey, and a journey meant to give you the emotions that live along the way. ”

Here is a video about the festival.

For a schedule of events and the performers and artists on stage, you can go to the Mahahual Cruzandos Facebook page for more information.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina



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