Pharma Cares Quality Discount Drugs, Mahahual

I get a lot of questions and inquiries on this blog about prescription drugs from people looking to move, or retire in Mahahual.  A lot of people take certain prescriptions in the USA and Canada, and they ask me if their drugs are sold here in Mahahual, and can they get them here.  There are also some people with pre-existing medical problems that also ask about the hospitals and clinics here.

I also get a lot of cruise ship tourists on the malecon ask me where is a good pharmacy in town.  There are several pharmacies on the malecon that cater to the cruise ship tourists, but their prices are high and not indicative of the pharmacy prices here in Mexico.  They are always looking for the same things, Viagra, Xanax, Valium, and all the other usual drugs that are expensive in the USA.

I have been using Pharma Cares since I have been in Mahahual, to get my diabetes medicine, and all my other pharmacy needs.  It saves me a trip each month to Chetumal, and is convenient  for me to shop at.

Pharma Cares Mahahual, intends to help improve the health and quality of life of children, youth and adults, at affordable prices.  They have a wide range of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and nutritional supplements, and anything else you could expect from a drug store, at reasonable prices.

Pharma Cares has everything from aspirin to Viagra, and all major drugs and prescriptions.  Vero, the owner and manager of Pharma Cares, will also  find whatever you may need in pharmaceuticals, if she does have it currently in stock.  Vero has been a resident of Mahahual for quite a while, and is also President of the Mahahual Chamber of Commerce.

Vero Bermudez, owner and operator of Pharma Cares here in Mahahual.

Vero Bermudez, owner and operator of Pharma Cares here in Mahahual.

Vero is a fixture in the community here.  Her and her family are also active in the community here in Mahahual.  Her business is in New Mahahual (Casitas), and is right across from Baroudi’s, at the entrance to New Mahahual.

Map of Pharma Cares Mahahual, Quality Discount Drugs

Pharma Cares phone number in case of an emergency.

Pharma Cares phone number in case of an emergency.

Here is the link to Pharma Cares Facebook page, so you can see for yourself the products they stock, and more information.

Pharma Cares prices are a lot cheaper than the pharmacies located on the malecon, and they also have a wider selection.  Also if you have something not in stock at the moment, contact Vero and she can get it for you.  If you are planning on coming to Mahahual and are curious if you can get your prescriptions you need here in Mahahual, contact Vero, and she will stock it for you, or special order it for you.

If you are coming to Mahahual on a cruise ship, and are looking to buy some pharmaceuticals, stop in and check out her prices.  She is located on the way from the port into Mahahual, and is open on cruise ship days.  I have enclosed a map to give directions to the location.

So if you are a local, a “snow bird”, or coming to Mahahual on a cruise ship and are looking for a discount drug store, stop in and see Vero.  Trust me, her prices are very reasonable compared to the pharmacies on the malecon, which are all tourist priced, and quite expensive.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


2 thoughts on “Pharma Cares Quality Discount Drugs, Mahahual

  1. Very useful – thanks, Stewart. Could you do an update on the Costamed Clinic? I understand they have recently moved to new premises near the cruise ship port. Thanks;

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