Top 10 Countries With Highest Murder Rate In The World 2015

I am reblogging this today, because the other day I was talking to someone about the high murder rate in Belize compared to Mexico and the rest of the world. They disputed Belize had a high murder rate. Well here the study I was quoting. Honduras and othe Central American countries have a much higher murder rate than Mexico also.

Costa Maya Mahahual

Here is a list of the ten countries with the highest murder rate in the world, and guess what, Belize is number three on the list.  You never read that on the internet or from publications like “International Living”.

Belize now is a very dangerous place, and so is Honduras, which are both big with expats from the USA and Canada.  Both have very high murder rates.  What I find ironic is if you listen to the USA media, you would think Mexico would be high on the this list compared to other countries in the world.

So if you are thinking of retiring or moving to Belize, you might want to do some research on the crime rate there.


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