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I came across this article today, and I thought I would share.  I also answer some of these questions every day from cruise ship tourists.






1. Our geographical location

Mexico is NOT part of South America or Central America. Our country is part of North America (which is not unique to Americans) and yet we are still Latinos. So do not call us South Americans because we are not.

2. Mariachis

In an exchange trip to Argentina, one of my teachers opened the class by asking the Mexican to stand up, then he asked me the following questions “Which part of Mexico are you from?”, followed by, “you’re a Mariachi, right?”

Foreign friend, although it is a tradition in Mexico, NOT all Mexicans are mariachis, we don’t all sing like mariachisor play instruments like mariachis.


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Neptuno Nautical Tourism Services

I have been getting some inquiries and questions about fishing here in Mahahual.  I get a lot of questions from people coming here on a cruise ship, wanting to do some fishing while they are here for the day.  One of the best options for catching some fish is with Neptuno Tours.

Neptuno Tours is owned and operated by two locals,  Marineli Balboa Perez and her husband, Ricardo Gutierrez Celina.  Marineli is originally from Chiapas, and Ricardo is from one of the original fishing families in Mahahual.  Ricardo was raised in Mahahual, and has spent his life here.  They have been in business here for eight years.

Marineli Balboa Perez owner and operator of Neptuno.

Marineli Balboa Perez owner and operator of Neptuno.

Marineli and her husband have two children, and love Mahahual because they feel it is a great place to raise children.  Ricardo a native of Mahahual, has seen all the changes that have occurred in Mahahual over the years.

Neptuno has sport fishing tours, along with other water activities.  They offer two choices of sport fishing, bottom fishing and trolling.

Trolling sport fishing is $90 an hour for a maximum of four hours and a minimum of two hours.  This is for up to four people, and the price is based on the boat and supplies, so four people could go for two hours for a price of $180.00 which is about $45.00 a person, not bad for sport fishing.

Bottom fishing is $60.00 an hour with boat, guide, and supplies included. The same options apply as the troll fishing as far as number of people and length of time.

Why trolling you can expect to catch barracuda, wahoo, grouper, and small tuna.  The boat trolls the sea on the other side of the reef in front of Mahahual.  If you bottom fish you can catch snapper, jack, monkfish, and permit.  With bottom fishing the boat parks outside the reef about 200 meters.  I have seen tourists come back from fishing with Neptuno with a wide variety of fish, they have caught.  When I used to work at the port I used to sell fishing tours to cruise ship tourists, and we used Neptuno.

Neptuno also has other water tours and activities.  There are snorkeling tours for $25.00, and you snorkel the reef for 1 1/2 hours in the protected park.  Banana boat rides are great for the kids, and are $15.00 a person, with a minimum of three people.  They also have boat tours of Mahahual for $60.00, that last an hour.

Neptuno sign on beach.

Neptuno sign on beach.

Neptuno boat and banana boat.

Neptuno boat and banana boat.

Neptuno is located in the center of Mahahual on the beach and malecon.  Their boat is located between El Faro and Big Mamas, close to the Tropicante.  You can take a cab or shuttle from the cruise ship port to get there.

So if you are coming to Mahahual on a cruise ship, or a vacation and you are wanting to do some fishing or water activities check out Neptuno Tours website and Facebook page.  www.mahahualneptuno.com and https://www.facebook.com/Neptuno-Tours-Costa-maya-446838772085340/

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina



Staying at Arenas Boutique Hotel

Arenas Boutique Hotel, Mahahual

Arenas Boutique Hotel, Mahahual

This week I am at Arenas Boutique Hotel on the south end of the malecon.  Arenas is a boutique hotel on the beach on the south road to Xcalak.  It is the last business located on the new south malecon extension.It is at kilometer 2.3 south.

hotel areanas 2

Very end of the malecon extension  right at Arenas Hotel.

Very end of the malecon extension right at Arenas Hotel.

South beach road to Xcalak.

South beach road to Xcalak.

Arenas has a great location, and a beautiful beach front.  I feel like I am staying in a remote resort, even though I am only a short bike ride to downtown Mahahual.

Arenas beautiful beach front, quiet and secluded.

Arenas beautiful beach front, quiet and secluded.

Beach at Arenas.

Beach at Arenas.

You can see Mahahual in Background.

You can see Mahahual in background.

Beatiful, clear Caribbean waters.

beautiful, clear Caribbean waters.

It is really nice and quiet down here, and the view is amazing.  All the rooms face the Caribbean Sea, and have balconies so you can sit outside and breathe the fresh Caribbean air.  I like to leave the balcony doors open when I write my blog to get that sea air in, it inspires me.

View from my balcony, I am on first floor, I asked for room closet to internet, so I got first floor room right next to bar and restuarant and internet.

View from my balcony, I am on first floor, I asked for room closet to internet, so I got first floor room right next to bar and restaurant and internet.

Second floor view.

Second floor view.

Third floor view.

Third floor view.

View from the top.

View from the back of hotel, all mangroves, natural pristine setting.  jungle at back door.

There is also a restaurant that serves Italian and Mexican food, and a full service bar. They also have snorkeling gear, and other beach products.

Reception desk.

Reception desk.

Bar and restaurant.

Bar and restaurant.

Friendly staff at Arenas.

Friendly staff at Arenas.

I have a cool bungalow kind of room, with air conditioning, hot water, internet, and nice comfortable bed.  I also have a safe place to store my bike.

doctor and arenas hotel 016 doctor and arenas hotel 017 doctor and arenas hotel 018

All the rooms have an ocean view and range from $50-$100 usd per night.  You have to check the website to get specific rates and dates of availability  Like all the other hotels in Mahahual, there are different rates for different seasons.  They have several different choices of rooms.

Some photos and a description of Hotel Arenas from their website.  http://www.arenasmexico.com/

Boutique Hotel in Mahahual
With a prime location on the beach, in an embrace between the sea and the jungle, lies the Hotel Arenas Mahahual, with its unique boutique style, designed to make the most of this paradise of turquoise waters and pristine beaches.

At Hotel Arenas they offer:

4 superior rooms with cable TV, hair dryer, minibar and amenities
8 standard rooms
All our rooms include two double beds or one king size bed (maximum 4 people), plus air conditioning, ceiling fan, private bathroom with hot water, balcony and coffee.

The hotel and the beach are located in a very quiet area of the Mayan coast, between the jungle and the Caribbean Sea, just a few meters from the coast have one of the largest coral reefs in the world, reachable by just swimming with our snorkel equipment (consisting of mask, fins and life jacket) in addition the property has four kayaks fully available to our customers at no extra, enjoy the relax of the Caribbean Sea drinking a cocktail on our hammocks in the water!

I am really enjoying my stay here at Arenas.  It is quiet and tranquil, and the natural atmosphere is great.  It is out-of-town and away from the tourists in the middle of Mahahual, but still only a short bike ride, or walk into town.  If you don’t want to be around cruise ship tourists on cruise day, this is the perfect place to stay.  You can wait the ships out, and then stroll leisurely into town.

They also provide breakfast here for the guests, and I had eggs Mexican style yesterday, and it was good. They also have beer, soft drink, juices, ice and coffee at the bar.

So if you are looking to come to Mahahual for a stay, and want to live remote resort style, but still want to be close to town with all the bars, restaurants, and shops.  Check out Hotel Arenas website or click the link on this blog.   The website is in English and Spanish.  A lot of the more remote resort hotels are nice, but kind of away from town.  So, if you want to stay in a unique and different kind of hotel, and be close to Mahahual by working or biking distance, Hotel Arenas is the place for you.  Quiet, tranquil, beautiful beach, nice rooms, natural unique atmosphere, Hotel Arenas has all of that.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


Casa Mia Reduced to $229,000

Casa Mia has been reduced, it is now $229,000, down from $248,000.  It is a brand new house and construction has been completted.  The house is Casa Mia, on Calle Caladaritas MZA. 14, Lote 22, right behind Padrinos.

Casa Mia was built by Miguel Angel Garcia, originally from Vera Cruz, and now splits his time between Canada and Mahahual.  He is both a Mexican and Canadian citizen.  He has a landscaping business in Vancouver, British Columbia, and spends the summers there, and build houses here in Mahahual in the winter.

Miguel Angel Garcia, builder of Casa Mia.

He first visited Mahahual ten years ago, and liked it so much, he decided to come back.  He loves the beaches here, the quiet tranquil lifestyle, the safety  and the fact that Mahahual is so close to Chetumal.  He decided to work in the summer in Canada, and build houses here in the winter.  This is his first house he has built-in Mahahual, and it came out nice.

This spacious house has three bedrooms, and a caretakers apartment.  It also has three and a half bathrooms, a swimming pool, garden, garage, all modern appliances, landscaped yard and pool area, and many more options.  The kitchen has granite counter tops, and the bathrooms all have mosaic tiles.

The house is three stories, and a palapa can be added on the roof.  There is a great view of the ocean, the water park, and the port from the roof.  It is one of only a handful of houses in Mahahual that are three stories.

The house has open living spaces, and has ceiling fans throughout the house.  Air Conditioning has not been added yet, but the house has all connections  for it.  All the wood in the villa is local wood, Caoba, from nearby Nobech.  There are screens also throughout the house, and hurricane proof windows.

The lot is gated and walled, and has that hacienda or villa feel.  There is hot water, sewage, track lighting, and cable and internet is available. The is also a laundry room, big closets with lots of storage space, and a garage to park a car.   The dwelling is in a safe and secure neighborhood, with several expats on the same street.  The house has all the permits, and is ready for someone to move in.

The house is a short walk to the water park and port, and is about a five to ten minute walk to the beach, and all the bars and restaurants.

This place would make a great bed and breakfast, and or, a great investment and rental property.  Something comparable in Playa del Carmen or Tulum five minutes from the beach would cost you around $750,000 usd.  This house is now listed at $229,000, and is a great bargain, and will do nothing but increase in the next several years with all of Mahahual’s growth.

Here are some photos I took this morning with my trusty 3gs Iphone, so keep that in mind.

Garden in front yard.

Nice custom pool

villa mia 007

Spacious kitchen, with granite counter tops.

villa mia 009villa mia 010villa mia 011villa mia 012villa mia 013villa mia 014villa mia 015villa mia 016villa mia 017villa mia 018villa mia 019

View of pool from second story balcony.

Pool room.

villa mia 023

View from roof top.

villa mia 026

View from back yard, and pool.

Casa Mia, Mahahual, Mexico.

This villa would make a great bed and breakfast, and there is a big need for that in Mahahual now.  It is also a great investment and is one on the nicer homes in Mahahual.  It is what we call here “Gringo Ready”, and will not last long.  If you are interested in more information about this property, get in touch with me, or hit the link on the Costa Maya Real Estate on this blog.

Casa Mia: $219,000 usd with possible financing.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

Trip to Mahahual Medical Clinic

Yesterday I went to the medical clinic here.  I have kind of a hole in the bottom of my foot, and I thought I should get it checked because I am a diabetic. It has not been healing properly, and I have been putting it off lately.

Well yesterday I moved from the Don Kike hotel to the Arenas Hotel on the very south end of the malecon.  My room was not going to be ready until 3pm, so I had some time to kill.

So I left my bags, and at about 11am, I got on the bike and headed up the malecon to get some lunch and hang around.  I knew the clinic closes at 2pm, so at the last-minute, I decided I had some time, why not pop in and see if I could get my foot looked at.

So I just walked in at about 11:30 am, and by  the time I could drop my back pack, and start to sit down, a nurse pops out from the office.  I told her, in Spanish mind you, that I had a problem with my foot.  She immediately took me back to the doctor.

As I have found out in Mexico, a lot of the doctors here are young attractive women.  In fact the last three doctors I have seen in Mexico were all young women.  So I took off my shoe so she could check me out, and she what she thought of my foot problem.

Dr. Tana Vazqez, from Mexico City, my doctor.

Dr. Tana Vazqez, from Mexico City, my doctor.

She told me there was no major infection, just dead skin she had to cut off.  She cleaned it, cut off the dead skin, and bandaged it, right on the spot.  Her and the nurse, washed it with antiseptic, and wrapped it up pretty good.  She then told me it was no major problem, just try to keep it clean.

She also spent some time and told me how to clean it, and gave me a prescription for some antiseptic cream, and something to put on it after I take a shower.  (What is funny, we were communicating in half English and half Spanish).  She also told me not to wear sandals or flip-flops, go barefoot, and wear socks and shoes.  (I do wear socks and shoes almost all the time, I learned that in the jungles of Belize, so I kind can’t figure out how I got this thing on my foot in the first place).

So while I was there I thought I might as well get my blood pressure checked, and get weighed.  My blood pressure was low, as usual, and I weigh 177 pounds.

My nurse, Lizbeth Reyes, from Chetumal.

My nurse, Lizbeth Reyes, from Chetumal.

So after we were finished with my foot and check up, like I always do… I asked if it was alright if I could ask her some questions.  I told her I was the Gringo with the blog.  I like to find out a lot about medical and health care here, because I get a lot of questions about the state and nature of the health care here from blog readers and tourists that come here.

My doctor was Tana Vazqez, and she is from Mexico City.  She graduated from Instituto Politecnico Nacianal University in Mexico City.  She is a General Medical, which means like a GP doctor in the USA.  She has been in Mahahual for one year, and she also works at the port on cruise days, doing like health inspections and things like that, I think.  She is a SALUD doctor. which is Mexico’s Health system, their Obamacare version.  The Salud doctors here stay in different villages and towns and rotate around.

doctor and arenas hotel 005

So I walk in at about 11:30am, and I am out of there at 12pm.  No waiting, no hassles, no tons of paperwork to fill out. good informative doctor, good medical care, and my problem fixed.  And here is my favorite part, all this only cost me 50 pesos, or about $3.00 US dollars. In the USA, I would have had to wait 3 or 4 hours and it would have cost me a couple of hundred dollars, and I would have been lucky if I got to see a doctor.

So this is another example of my experiences with the medical system here, and they have all been good.  The doctors here take their time, and ask a lot of questions and are very helpful.  The  medical and health system here I think is designed to keep people healthy, and not designed to make doctors and insurance companies rich.

doctor and arenas hotel 004

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


Casa de Cocos, Mahahual

Property Description: 2 BR 2 BA If you’ve ever wanted to play Robinson Crusoe or Swiss Family Robinson, but still have communication with the rest of the world at your fingertips, Casa de Cocos is the vacation home you’ve been dreaming of. Located 15 Kilometers south of the picturesque village of Mahahual, our home is the last home on the beach road to Xcalak and sits way out of view of any other homes. You will have the beach and our slice of the ocean to yourself, but if you get lonely, neighbors are just a short walk away. We also have an on-sight caretaker that you’ll hardly even know is around until you need him. The home has high speed internet and cell service for all of your communication needs. Casa de Coco’s living quarters are on the second floor which allows for cool ocean breezes and spectacular views. A second story balcony runs the entire front of the house for great ocean views, but if that’s not enough you can take the interior stairs to the rooftop where you can view the sunset and watch the stars come out at night. The kitchen/dining/living area are an open design. The master bedroom has a king size bed and private full bath. It also has sliding glass doors that open onto the main balcony. The second bedroom has two twin beds that could be pushed together to make a double. The large main bathroom is conveniently located directly across from the second bedroom. Downstairs is the caretakers quarters and storage. Another verandah runs along the front of the house at ground level. There is plenty of space for some alone time. Then there’s the beach! You can walk out into the ocean forever on the soft sand. There is no grass or rocks, just sand. However, please remember that the sea is a temperamental sculptress and the beach is her ever-changing masterpiece. The only thing we can guarantee is that we will keep our portion of beach as accessible and clean as mere humans can. The house is located across the beach road from the beach, but the beach is part of the property. The traffic on the beach road is minimal, less than 6 cars a day, and will not interfere at all with your enjoyment of the beach. Casa de Coco is off the grid in more ways than one. There are no municipal services to the property but it is serviced by an efficient and effective power system of solar panes and wind generator. We require that our guests adopt a ‘beach bum’ attitude and leave the high wattage blow dryers at home. There is also no air conditioning but we think that you’ll find the ocean breezes more than adequate. Although you will have more than enough water and electricity available, we do ask that you be mindful, not wasteful. Please be kind to the planet and our energy system, all of will reap the benefits. Casa de Coco’s remoteness is a huge part of her charm. You will want to prepare for your stay here by stopping in Playa del Carmen or Tulum to stock up on groceries and supplies for your stay here. Or…you can live like a local and plan your menu according to what is available at the fish market, produce stand, and tiendas in the village of Mahahual. The closest restaurant is 5 minutes away and there are several restaurants and bars strung along the beach road, you can bar-hop your way into town and back again. Robinson Crusoe and Swiss Family Robinson learned to get along with the creatures of the jungle, and, here at Casa de Coco, you’ll be given that opportunity too. They were here first and we consider ourselves lucky to get to hang out in their backyard for a little while. There are ways to limit their numbers and keep most of them outside where they belong, but you will probably make the acquaintance of a few. Wear insect repellant and shake your shoes out before you put them on and you’ll be just fine. To enjoy the beauty of fireflies lighting the jungle night and the songs of tropical birds in the morning, you gotta learn to put up with some of their ugly cousins.
Rates: $145 per night 5 night minimum. Discount for long term rental
Contact info: Owner, Mary Reid, capncarib@gmail.com
Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina