Mahahual is a Great Community to Live In

Mexican Caribbean. Mahahual

We have a great little community here in Mahahual on the Mexican Caribbean.  Hardly anybody who lives here is from Mahahual.  I think I have met one or two families, that are originally from Mahahual, but besides that, everybody else is a transplant from either Mexico or somewhere else in the world.

We have people from all over the world in Mahahual. There are folks from Mexico, Germany, France, Spain, Argentina, England, Canada, Italy, Cuba, Belize, Honduras, Sweden, Belgium, and of course the USA.  And these are just the people who I know and deal with on a daily basis.

That is one of the things I like about living in Mahahual, the population here is very diverse.  Another thing I like about living here is the people are very cordial and friendly.  We also have a very caring and helpful community here in Mahahual, that I discovered this past week.

As some of you readers may remember I had a bad last couple of days, but no more about that or details.  I had to find a place to live quick and when some of my friends heard about it, they jumped to help me.  Jose and Tami, two expats from the USA, were moving from one house to another here in Mahahual.  They moved into their new house last Sunday, so their old house was empty until June 1. They offered it to me to stay there for three days to have a roof over my head.  Jose helped me move my stuff with his jeep, so I moved into there Sunday night.  I had the place all to myself with internet, to give me a chance to figure something out.

Well first thing Monday morning, I hear someone honking out front, and is was Ron, a Canadian that lives here during the winter months.  He and Colleen were going back to Canada that day, so he dropped me off a bunch of food that they had left over.( I tell you one thing, Canadians eat pretty good).  They gave me so much food, I had to give some of it to Monica from our office here.  I also gave some to Jose and Tami for their help.  Ron and Colleen are very nice people and I really appreciated their consideration.

Miguel , who owns Casa Mia here, let me store some of my belongings in his caretaker room, until I can find a place.  I lost my bike, so Steve from the Tropicante let me borrow his bike until I can get another one.  Nancy and Allen here also helped me out by letting me use his PayPal account to get some money from a Facebook friend from the USA, Mary.

In fact I had an outpouring of consideration and concern among a lot of the local people here.  Everybody I ran into was asking and inquiring if I needed anything.  Mahahual is a very small village, and word spreads fast here.  We here in the Mahahual community look out for each other, and you don’t find that much in this world we live in today.

I went by on Wednesday and told the people at Ka’anil Plaza Hotel and Suites my dilemma, and I have worked out a deal to stay here. So for the time being I am living here.  It has great internet, and it is kind of like an extended hotel in the USA, that I stayed in right before I left South Carolina.

Ka'anil Suites and Hotel.  Great place, right in the middle of the Casitas, it has everything I need.

Ka’anil Suites and Hotel. Great place, right in the middle of the Casitas, it has everything I need.

So I want to thank from the bottom of my heart, all the people who helped me out during the last week or so. Besides some of the locals helping me out, I also had several of you blog readers offer to help me in different ways, and I also thank you for that.

I always tell people from the USA off of the cruise ships here, that Mahahual is the “Mayberry” of Mexico, and this past week proved my point.  We have a nice little community here with people from all over the world, and everybody here looks out for each other, and that is something that is hard to find nowadays.  Again thanks to everyone.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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