Internet Improvements for Mahahual

Working on the internet today, four trucks.

Working on the internet today, four trucks.

The internet has been out for the last day or so, while they work to improve the service here.  Mahahual is growing so fast, it is hard to keep the internet up to date.  When they work on the internet here, they usually do it on a Monday night or Tuesday, not to interfere with the tourists.

Last night they were working on the internet, so they cut it off for about fourteen hours.  They have been doing this the last several weeks to try to increase and improve the service here.  It is back working fine now, but it feels kind of eerie not to have your phone work, or have internet for around fourteen hours. But we all survived, and it was just a minor inconvenience for a day or so.

The internet here is for only a village of 1,500 to 2,000 inhabitants, so when a cruise ship lands it gets swamped.   I have noticed the first thing people do now when they get off a cruise ship now, is run to the internet.  I think on the cruise ships they charge like .75 cents a minute, which is kind of expensive.  So people off of cruises ships, check their email and messages, as soon as they hit the beach.  This causes the internet to be slow in the mornings, until things get caught up.

On cruise ship days, I don’t even try to use the internet until after lunch, because of all the great demand.  I was told today that the internet here is being improved and expanded to handle all the future rush of people and tourists coming to Mahahual.

So rest assured the internet is being upgraded to handle Mahahual’s growth for the future.

I am a little behind on this blog because of the delay, but I will catch up with what is going on in Mahahual in the next couple of days or so.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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