“The Gringos are Coming, The Gringos are Coming”


I remember when I was a kid living on an army base in Germany, one of the first movies I can recall I saw was, “The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming”.  This was around 1966 during the height of the Cold War.  It was about a Russian submarine that washes up on the beach in Cape Cod, and the little village’s reaction.

That movie kind of reminds me of Mahahual now, we have more people from the USA running around and visiting Mahahual now, then anytime since I have been here.  Usually during this time of year, there are only a couple of us “Gringos” around, now I am meeting more and more every day.

For those of you who follow this blog, you might can remember that I lived in Playa del Carmen for a couple of summers in 2013 and 2014.  The first summer I was in Playa, I saw a couple of people from the USA, every now and then.  The second summer I spent there, 2014, I ran into people from the USA everywhere.  It seemed like in one year folks from the USA discovered Playa del Carmen.  I think they now have discovered Mahahual and Costa Maya.

The summer of 2014 in Playa, every time I went to the Mega Store, or took a walk, it seemed like I was running into people from the USA.  I would be at the store shopping for groceries, and people would come up to me and asked me if I lived here, and could I help them find things.

I remember one lady from the USA came up and asked me at the Mega Store, where could she get some double fudge, nut ,marshmallow ice cream.  I told her they don’t have it here in Playa, she was lucky to get chocolate or vanilla, much less all the fancy ice cream.  I had another US person ask me where the diabetic section was in the store, and again I said, just be lucky to buy what you see.

After that summer in Playa del Carmen, I came back to Mahahual and told everybody of my experiences, and how I thought Americans have discovered Mexico and the Mexican Caribbean as a desired vacation location.

I am seeing that now in Mahahual.  It used to be in Mahahual this time of year, that i rarely met or came into contact with people from the USA, not so this year.  I am seeing and meeting people every day from the USA.  In fact, I have a number of US people wanting me to help them find some places to rent in the summer here, which I have never had a request for before, just winter inquiries.

The other day, Friday, we had a cruise ship here, and after the cruise ship left, we were all sitting at the Tropicante, and I noticed there people from the USA still sitting at tables, and not returning to the ship.  It then hit me these were people here staying at hotels and resorts, and not cruise ship tourists.

There were two different couples from Texas, three women from Georgia, a guy from Minnesota who is building a house here, and four people from Atlanta, Georgia, a couple of world travelers from Alabama and Australia, and those were just to name a few.  I also had a lot of gringos coming up to me and asking me if I was the guy who wrote the blog here.  I told them I was, and got to meet several of them, and answer questions about Mahahual, and life here.

One woman was telling me she read this blog, so I asked her, “Well what do you think of the blog, and be honest”.  She looked at me and kind of smiled and said, “It is very entertaining”.  So I took that as a compliment.

It was kind of different to see a lot of white faces like me sitting around in Mahahual, long after the cruise ships have left.  Yesterday I saw a group of American hippies here, and another couple of groups of people from the USA on the malecon.

I knew that this was going to happen, gringos discovering Mahahual as a vacation spot, but just not this quick.  Every one of these gringos I meet raves about how natural and beautiful Mahahual is, and how they want to live here.

A lot of them complain about the current situation in the USA, and want to move to Mahahual, and get out as soon as possible.  A lot of them ask me about jobs here, and can they open businesses here, or ae there ways to make money to supplement their income.  These are not retirees either, these are people in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, wanting to escape the USA.

So get ready people of Mahahual, “The Gringos are Coming”, “The Gringos are Coming”.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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