Now is the Time to Invest in Mahahual

Mexican Caribbean. Mahahual

As a lot of you who read this blog regularly know, I pretty much speak what is on my mind.  In the south where I come from, it is called “you don’t chew your cabbage twice”.  So today I am saying, if you ever thought about, or even considered investing in Mahahual, now is the time to do it.

I think Mahahual is about to become in the very near future, a much desired vacation and retirement locale for people from the USA and Canada.  Also a lot of Europeans have discovered Mahahual.  There is more activity in Mahahual this summer than I ever have experienced in the five years that I have been here.

I am meeting tourists every day from the USA and Canada this summer, more than I have in the past.  I also have a number of people inquiring about rental properties here for the summer and that has never happened to me before in the past.

Right now there is not enough quality housing for people from the USA and Canada to stay this summer. Things are so tight the Costa Maya Inn now does not rent rooms to tourists.  The rooms and the hotel have been converted to house all the workers that work at the water park and the port, because there is not enough quality housing at the moment.

There are not many houses available to rent also to keep up with the demand.  Next month when school gets out in Mexico, there will be even more of a demand for rentals.  People from Mexico City and other large cities in Mexico have also started showing up in Mahahual for vacation.

There are a lot of promotions with the airlines this summer from Mexico City to the Chetumal airport.  This summer there are specials where you can fly round trip from Mexico City to Chetumal for around 599 pesos. This is bringing a lot of Mexican tourists to Mahahual for the first time.

Because of all the interest from Mexican nationals this summer, almost all the hotels and resorts are booked solid in the month of July here in Mahahual.  I have people wanting to come visit Mahahual this summer, and I am having a hard time finding places for them to stay.

So what does all this mean?  It means that I think Mahahual needs some good quality housing for the future for American, European, and Canadian expats.

The best investment at the moment, and for the future, is lots in New Mahahual, (or Casitas as the locals call it).  That is where all the emphasis and the growth is occurring now.  Costa maya Real Estate has plenty of lots running from $21,000 usd to $35,000 for ocean view lots.  All the lots have been approved with an Environmental Impact Survey, and all have access to water, power, internet, and everything needed to build right away.

New houses being built everywhere in New Mahahual.

New houses being built everywhere in New Mahahual.

rainbow around sun 020 rainbow around sun 021

There is a construction boom going on here in Mahahual at the moment.  Every where I ride my bike I see construction going on in New Mahahual.  There is not much interest in the remote beach areas now, it seems like everyone looking is wanting to live on the malecon or in New Mahahual.

So right now the prices on real estate here are pretty reasonable, and the lots for sale are very affordable.  There are also some good architects and builders doing some good work building here in Mahahual.  You can buy a lot and have a nice house built for between $50,000 usd to $75,000 usd, depending on your tastes.

I also talked to a contractor the other day, and he is planning a retirement community to be built on the main road into Mahahual, near the mayor’s office.  That I think is a big part of Mahahual’s future, retirement and vacation homes for retirees from the USA, Europe, and Canada.  I will have more information on this planned retirement community later this week, and I think it will be a great investment for those people interested.

Most retirees and people from the USA and Canada looking to live or retire here I have discovered, are searching for places to live that have some of the comforts and features of home.  Internet, air conditioning, hot water, nice kitchens and other luxuries are something that this people desire.

Efficiency apartments with these features would be a good investment for anyone looking to invest in Mahahual and make some money.  With all of these features, people would be willing to pay between $400-$500 usd a month easily.

Because of this blog, I am privy to a lot of market research and information about what people are looking for and searching for in Mahahual.  I think the days of the “budget” or backpacking tourists being the main source of tourists in Mahahual is over.  We still get a lot of hippies and backpackers, but they stay mainly in the hostels.

This year on the malecon meeting cruise ship tourists, I have given out over 1,000 business cards, and every brochure, book, and pamphlet I had in English to folks wanting to come back to look for property.  The people get off the cruise ships, and automatically fall in love with Mahahual, the beaches and people here.

I just sit on the beach in my chair on the malecon at the Tropicante, and people come find me.  They ask if I am the guy that writes the blog here, and then they ask me all kinds of questions about retiring or living here.  I am still surprised at all the exposure this blog and Mahahual gets on the internet.  I have realized that the internet is the driving force behind Mahahual at the moment.

So to wrap up, I don’t care what, where, or who you buy from in Mahahual, now is the time to do it before prices go up.  Whether it is a lot, house, condo, commercial property, or beach front property, now is the best time to act.  I tell every Mexican waiter, cook, bartender, and store worker I run into on the malecon, put some money together and buy a lot, and just sit on it for the future, because the prices are going nowhere but up.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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