What are the Tabanos?

If you ever are going to live in Mahahual, you need to know what a Tabano fly is.  They call them Gadflies, or Horseflies in the USA.  They hate them here.  People here swat them, then stomp them with their foot, or crush them to make sure they are dead.  They don’t bother me much, but they are everywhere in the jungle.

I came across this article today, and I thought it was a good one to share.  It was done by a Facebook group here,

The horseflies (Tabanidae) are a family of Diptera Brachycerus commonly known as horseflies, usually found in wet areas such as forests, parks and mangroves.


The gadfly is an insect that bears a strong resemblance to a fly but larger, which can measure up to 2 cm and has a dark brown but sometimes may tend towards yellow color. The female, unlike the male is harmless, pica and feeds on the blood of some animals. The sting in humans causes a localized inflammation red and sometimes can be very painful, rather than a bee sting.
Horseflies sucking ectoparasites are difficult to treat blood by the fact that feed intermittently and therefore not spend enough time on the host to be affected by a chemical. It is best to use commercial repellents to avoid high doses.

How is the bite of a horsefly?
Unlike the mosquito that bites in way of an injection, the horsefly bites to break the skin, thus makes the pain much more painful.

What if it itches a gadfly?
To reduce inflammation and itching must first wash with soap and water to prevent infection, most people recommend hydrocortisone cream or benadryl cream on the bite. In addition, it is also recommended to take an antihistamine or Piriton. Others opt for home remedies include soaking a tea towel in boiling salted water and then placing it on for as long as possible, apply extract of aloe vera juice, wash with vinegar to relieve pain and place an ice cube or a cold compress to relieve itching. It is better to cover the wound caused by the gadfly after applying the treatment until healed to keep it clean and free from infection.
If you are allergic to medications it is recommended to visit a doctor.
Remember to buy either repellent spray or creams to keep you protected.
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Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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