Iguana Farm in Mexico

There is a cruise ship in town today, so I am reblogging this story today. For some reason this article has gotten very popular on the internet, and I get hits on it every day from around the world.

Costa Maya Mahahual

There is a man in Manzanillo, Mexico that raises iguanas. and other animals that are donated to him.  He is starting a conservation effort to help save these animals and provide them with homes.

iguana 1iguana 3iguana 4iguana 5iguana 6

He is an article below I translated using Goole Translate about this man and his current plight.  It was sent to me by a Facebook friend here in Mexico. I thought a lot of you readers would like the photos of all these iguanas.  When I ride my bike around Mahahual, I see iguanas all the time, they are also pets for a lot of people.

“SOCIAL WORK: They are asked to support Mr. RAMON ARCHINDIA the iguana that for more than 40 years to care this beautiful species of iguanas and other animals such as raccoons, badgers, turtles, pigeons owner, etc. It has more than 500 iguanas and animals donated by manzanillenses they can not have…

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