Casa de Cocos, Mahahual

Property Description: 2 BR 2 BA If you’ve ever wanted to play Robinson Crusoe or Swiss Family Robinson, but still have communication with the rest of the world at your fingertips, Casa de Cocos is the vacation home you’ve been dreaming of. Located 15 Kilometers south of the picturesque village of Mahahual, our home is the last home on the beach road to Xcalak and sits way out of view of any other homes. You will have the beach and our slice of the ocean to yourself, but if you get lonely, neighbors are just a short walk away. We also have an on-sight caretaker that you’ll hardly even know is around until you need him. The home has high speed internet and cell service for all of your communication needs. Casa de Coco’s living quarters are on the second floor which allows for cool ocean breezes and spectacular views. A second story balcony runs the entire front of the house for great ocean views, but if that’s not enough you can take the interior stairs to the rooftop where you can view the sunset and watch the stars come out at night. The kitchen/dining/living area are an open design. The master bedroom has a king size bed and private full bath. It also has sliding glass doors that open onto the main balcony. The second bedroom has two twin beds that could be pushed together to make a double. The large main bathroom is conveniently located directly across from the second bedroom. Downstairs is the caretakers quarters and storage. Another verandah runs along the front of the house at ground level. There is plenty of space for some alone time. Then there’s the beach! You can walk out into the ocean forever on the soft sand. There is no grass or rocks, just sand. However, please remember that the sea is a temperamental sculptress and the beach is her ever-changing masterpiece. The only thing we can guarantee is that we will keep our portion of beach as accessible and clean as mere humans can. The house is located across the beach road from the beach, but the beach is part of the property. The traffic on the beach road is minimal, less than 6 cars a day, and will not interfere at all with your enjoyment of the beach. Casa de Coco is off the grid in more ways than one. There are no municipal services to the property but it is serviced by an efficient and effective power system of solar panes and wind generator. We require that our guests adopt a ‘beach bum’ attitude and leave the high wattage blow dryers at home. There is also no air conditioning but we think that you’ll find the ocean breezes more than adequate. Although you will have more than enough water and electricity available, we do ask that you be mindful, not wasteful. Please be kind to the planet and our energy system, all of will reap the benefits. Casa de Coco’s remoteness is a huge part of her charm. You will want to prepare for your stay here by stopping in Playa del Carmen or Tulum to stock up on groceries and supplies for your stay here. Or…you can live like a local and plan your menu according to what is available at the fish market, produce stand, and tiendas in the village of Mahahual. The closest restaurant is 5 minutes away and there are several restaurants and bars strung along the beach road, you can bar-hop your way into town and back again. Robinson Crusoe and Swiss Family Robinson learned to get along with the creatures of the jungle, and, here at Casa de Coco, you’ll be given that opportunity too. They were here first and we consider ourselves lucky to get to hang out in their backyard for a little while. There are ways to limit their numbers and keep most of them outside where they belong, but you will probably make the acquaintance of a few. Wear insect repellant and shake your shoes out before you put them on and you’ll be just fine. To enjoy the beauty of fireflies lighting the jungle night and the songs of tropical birds in the morning, you gotta learn to put up with some of their ugly cousins.
Rates: $145 per night 5 night minimum. Discount for long term rental
Contact info: Owner, Mary Reid,
Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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