Neptuno Nautical Tourism Services

I have been getting some inquiries and questions about fishing here in Mahahual.  I get a lot of questions from people coming here on a cruise ship, wanting to do some fishing while they are here for the day.  One of the best options for catching some fish is with Neptuno Tours.

Neptuno Tours is owned and operated by two locals,  Marineli Balboa Perez and her husband, Ricardo Gutierrez Celina.  Marineli is originally from Chiapas, and Ricardo is from one of the original fishing families in Mahahual.  Ricardo was raised in Mahahual, and has spent his life here.  They have been in business here for eight years.

Marineli Balboa Perez owner and operator of Neptuno.

Marineli Balboa Perez owner and operator of Neptuno.

Marineli and her husband have two children, and love Mahahual because they feel it is a great place to raise children.  Ricardo a native of Mahahual, has seen all the changes that have occurred in Mahahual over the years.

Neptuno has sport fishing tours, along with other water activities.  They offer two choices of sport fishing, bottom fishing and trolling.

Trolling sport fishing is $90 an hour for a maximum of four hours and a minimum of two hours.  This is for up to four people, and the price is based on the boat and supplies, so four people could go for two hours for a price of $180.00 which is about $45.00 a person, not bad for sport fishing.

Bottom fishing is $60.00 an hour with boat, guide, and supplies included. The same options apply as the troll fishing as far as number of people and length of time.

Why trolling you can expect to catch barracuda, wahoo, grouper, and small tuna.  The boat trolls the sea on the other side of the reef in front of Mahahual.  If you bottom fish you can catch snapper, jack, monkfish, and permit.  With bottom fishing the boat parks outside the reef about 200 meters.  I have seen tourists come back from fishing with Neptuno with a wide variety of fish, they have caught.  When I used to work at the port I used to sell fishing tours to cruise ship tourists, and we used Neptuno.

Neptuno also has other water tours and activities.  There are snorkeling tours for $25.00, and you snorkel the reef for 1 1/2 hours in the protected park.  Banana boat rides are great for the kids, and are $15.00 a person, with a minimum of three people.  They also have boat tours of Mahahual for $60.00, that last an hour.

Neptuno sign on beach.

Neptuno sign on beach.

Neptuno boat and banana boat.

Neptuno boat and banana boat.

Neptuno is located in the center of Mahahual on the beach and malecon.  Their boat is located between El Faro and Big Mamas, close to the Tropicante.  You can take a cab or shuttle from the cruise ship port to get there.

So if you are coming to Mahahual on a cruise ship, or a vacation and you are wanting to do some fishing or water activities check out Neptuno Tours website and Facebook page. and

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina



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  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Sarah from Minnesota. I am wanting to connect with you to discuss my possible future move there. I am retired at 41. Please send me your contact info. Thanks.


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