Tragedy in Mexico

I have been mulling over the last couple of days on how to write this personal story.  I had a friend of mine from high school die in a tragic accident in Cancun.  First a little background to story.

A couple of months ago a guy I knew from high school contacted me on Facebook.  His name was Peter Ros.  I had went to high school with his little brother Ed.  Ed and I played football together hung, out together all through high school and even college.  We were even friends after each of us got married.  Peter was Ed’s older brother by a couple of years. So I had got to know Pete and the family over the years through Ed.

The Ros family were originally from Spain, so I got my first introduction into the Spanish language and culture.  All throughout high school I was constantly at the Ros home, and got to know the family very well.  Ed died in 1991, and I had not heard or talked to Peter Ros since the funeral.

Like I said, a couple of months ago Pete contacted me on Facebook, and we started talking.  He said he read my blog, and was interested in coming to Mahahual for a visit and look around.  He told me he was thinking of a place to retire in Mexico, and was currently living in Texas.  He said he thought by reading and following my blog, Mahahual looked like the place for him.  He wanted to come down and planned a trip.

He contacted me around the first of June, and said he was coming down towards the end of the month.  He sent me a message two weeks ago, that he would be in Mahahual last weekend.  He was going to rent a car and come down for a couple of days.  I told him fine with me, and I would get him a place at Hotel Don Kike, where I was staying.  He said he would fly into Cancun last Friday, and then come down.

Well the weekend came, and I was looking for him, but I never heard from him or anything, which was not like Pete.  So I looked for him all weekend, and nothing, so I sent him a message on Facebook, and no response.  I thought maybe he had changed his plans or decided not to come, like a lot of people do, I have come to realize.

I carried about my business and never thought much more about it.  Thursday morning real early, I got a ping on my Facebook messenger, and it was Peter’s wife in Texas letting me know that Peter had died in an accident in Cancun, and she did not find out about it until Monday morning.  She said she saw my message, and wanted to let me know about what happened.  She informed me that he was really looking forward to his visit here to see me, and that was all he had talked about.

I was shocked when I got the message, and I was numb for a couple of days, and in shock. She did not go into any details about the accident, so I was perplexed on what had happened.  I posted it on Facebook for our friends from high school what had happened, and I said I did not have any details.

Well another Facebook friend of mine, sent me a copy of an article that was in The Yucatan Times the day before.  I write for the Yucatan Times, and read it every day, but the day before I had not checked it, so I missed the article.

American dies in scooter crash in Cancun Hotel Zone

The accident happened around 9:00 a.m. Monday when a man on a blue Italika scooter was seen driving at excess speed at kilometer 3.5 of the Cancun Hotel Zone.

Emergency personnel were called to the scene of the crash after 50-year-old Pedro Ross, who was originally from Texas, lost control and hit a concrete wall. Mr. Ross died from the head-on impact.

Accident scene. (PHOTO:

Accident scene. (PHOTO:

Ministerial Police noted that the day before, Mr. Ross received minor injuries after he was involved in a bumper accident with a Windstar van while navigating hotel zone traffic at excessive speed.


So when I read the article in the publication that I write for, I was dazed and saddened.  I am still not over this tragedy, and it still occupies my thoughts.  I guess he was staying in Cancun with friends before he planned to come down here when he had his tragic accident.

So I feel sorry for Peter’s family, and I offer my condolences.  That family has a lot of tragedy in their lives.  I just wish Pete could have seen Mahahual for himself like he wished, because I honestly believe he was going to be a future resident of Mahahual when he retired.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina



2 thoughts on “Tragedy in Mexico

  1. Rock Gaillard says:

    Thanks so much for the article. I met the family back in ’68 in the 7th grade. Peter, Edward, Frank and the rest of us were with each other every day. Thanks to facebook, I had gotten back in touch with Peter. I had read that he had passed and had not heard how. I missed seeing him at Ed’s funeral since Peter was gone after I got there. Thanks so much for writing the article…..prayers and condolences to Frank, Mary, Margurite and the rest of the family.

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