“Proyecto Mahahual Aprende”

I got a message on Facebook about a new project started in Mahahual.  Patricia Herrera sent this information to me, I am just going to copy and share tonight.

Hello Stewart! Ok, so here is some information about “Proyecto Mahahual Aprende”.

The project was born around October 2015, and taking into action on February of this year (I moved to Mahahual in December and I needed time to settle down first)…
“Proyecto Mahahual Aprende is born as a cultural and educational ideal, whose mission is to create spaces where basic-competence classes can be offered to the Mahahual community, for locals and foreigners, at affordable prices. Our vision goes beyond learning, since we would like to be a referral place in Mahahual for being open to people’s dialogue, where everybody can share their life stories and from networking experiences.”
Our motto is ” Affordable languages, culture and technology for you”… In Spanish: Lenguas, cultura y tecnología a tu alcance”.
Proyecto Mahahual Aprende is a ONG oriented in offering educational services for the Mahahual community… We offer Spanish, English, Mexican Culture and Computer classes, mainly. Although right now we are offering a Doggie School class, and probably in August we will also offer Art for Kids and Marine Conservation classes.
I have two collaborators working with me also.
 Oh, I was forgetting! We also give Rythym Guitar classes! 😉
Our teaching system is very particular because “in Proyecto Mahahual Aprende we are aware that sometimes your load of work, your school homework or your lifestyle won’t let you have a routine for learning new knowledge facts or skills, such as a language, so we offer custom-made classes according to the number of hours that you want to take with us and if you want individual or group classes… You arrange the place and the time to meet!”
We have private one on one classes and group classes… Group mode involves having 4, 6 or 8 students per class that you can build together with your family or friends.
A private class costs $100 per hour, and for groups the price goes down to $70 per hour.
We offer packages of 4, 8, and 12 classes per month, but if you pay in advance (all the classes in just one payment), then we give a 15% discount off the regular price.
So, if you pay 4 classes a month per session you’ll pay $400 MXN, but if you pay the whole month in advance you’ll pay only $340 MXN
Uh, something else I forgot to say… We are going to start with tours to close archaeological sites for our students, at a great price!
Here is their website:http://www.mahahualaprende.org/
Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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