Questions and Comments about Mahahual July 2016

Today I am going to answer some questions, and share some comments I have gotten lately on this blog.


“Great info, we are coming into the port in a week and since we have been to Kohunlich and seen all the ruins, we thought we would try for a self guided local food tour. (There’s a business opp for you!) I assume we should take a taxi over rather than walk from the port? A couple things, I can’t get any of the pics you have posted to show up, it looks like all the links are broken. I am really interested in Rosa’s menu. Also, may be an idea to delete all the negative postings, it’s hard to filter around them to get the point of this blog. Any other tips you can provide for cruise passengers as far as getting to Mahahual, navigating around the town, things to avoid etc… Thanks for the info…”

First of all about Rosa’s menu, she left town a couple of years ago, and I have not seen her since then.  The article was written a couple of years ago, so for some reason WordPress loses photos on the blog after a year or so.  You can take a taxi from the port into downtown Mahahual.  Also some of the places I eat at are places that the locals eat at, and not many cruise ship tourists eat there.  The reason is most of these places are hole in the wall kind of places that are off the beaten path, and don’t attract many tourists.   The food at these places is good and cheap, but the setting is not for tourists, in fact some of the places don’t have but one or two tables, and most people here get food to go.  I am not a tourist so I have to eat at the local places not the expensive tourist places on the malecon.  Most of my meals are in the 50 pesos range, (about $3.00 usd),

Chicken, salad, rice, beans, and tortillas, all for 35 pesos, from place across from Primos grocery store in middle of Mahahual.  Great lunch.

Chicken, salad, rice, beans, and tortillas, all for 35 pesos, from place across from Primos grocery store in middle of Mahahual. Great lunch.

Huaruche from Sabores de Oxcaca, 30 pesos, they also have great empanadas.  Behind Crazy Lobster, hard to find place, and out of the way.

Huaruche from Sabores de Oxcaca, 30 pesos, they also have great empanadas. Behind Crazy Lobster, hard to find place, and out of the way.

So if you come to eat the local fare, you have to eat on the back streets not on the malecon.  Just look for the places where a dog is out front liking the pots, they usually have the best food, but are not ideal for cruise ship tourists.  As far as the negative comments, I leave them on the articles I write to show that we have expats here that attack me if I don’t write about or plug their, or their friend’s businesses.  I believe they have a right to express their opinions, even though I may not agree with it.

Fish ceviche at the Tropicante, made by Pedro.  I eat it at least once a week.

Fish ceviche at the Tropicante, made by Pedro. I eat it at least once a week.

As far as advice on getting to town on cruise ship day, just take a taxi or the shuttle to the center of town, and go from there.  On cruise ship day, you can usually find me at the Tropicante on the malecon, answering tourists questions about living or retiring here.  I hope I answered your questions.

“I am wanting to connect with you to discuss my possible future move there. I am retired at 41. Please send me your contact info. Thanks.”

My email is, or you can find me on Facebook or WhatsApp at 983-134-6898, the same as my phone number.

“Hi Stuart. Thinking of retiring there, and have some questions for you if you don’t mind. Thanks”

Same as above question, my contact information.

“Do you have any recommendations for bottom fishing or deep sea fishing guides? We would be coming on a cruise ship in December.”

Yes, Neptuno Tours in the center of Mahahual near the Tropicante.  I just wrote an article about them last week, check it out.  They will take good care of you, and they catch fish, I send people to them all the time.

Neptuno sign on beach.

Neptuno sign on beach.

Marineli Balboa Perez owner and operator of Neptuno.

Marineli Balboa Perez owner and operator of Neptuno.

“Hola Stewart

“I would love to have your opinion about doing business in Majahual” Tanks

It depends on what you want to do, Mahahual is really growing.  I know we need people who can work on computers here, and other service businesses.  Anything that goes along with the tourist business I am sure will be welcomed.

And now some comments I have gotten lately.

“I have become a fan, and visit QR places each year I’m there. Your info has filled in some data I was looking for. I am particularly interested and fascinated with Chunyaxche. I made contact with one of Pablo Coba-Cama’s sons and also met a local that works at the preserve. He has offered to guide a one day in-depth
exploration and to also meet Coba’s oldest son who was 6 in 1961. I would love to have some interested people join me.”

Count me in I am interested, contact me, I am sure I can interest some others.

“Stuart this is like music to my ears.
For years I’ve planned on being in Mahahual and the closers it gets the more I want to be there.
Thanks for all the posts and pics.
Just so happens I’ll be doing a ton of writing and video with a drone when I arrive.


“Dr. Valasco….I am coming to your area to investigate opportunities to relocate from the US in May. I am curious if you are accepting new patients and in knowing if some of my medications currently being taken are available in Mexico. I am particularly interested in: “Trulicity” (dulaglutide injection) 1.5mg/0.5 mL and Axiron (topical solution). Thank you very much!”

“Live on $700 a month….now that’s a load of BS”

This comment is from another hater, I live on around $700.00 a month, and I know several other people here do also.  People have to be critical to justify their existence.

“Stewart, have never commented on any of your blogs but this one is just too funny! Is “natural incest repellent” a big seller?”

“Incest repellent??”

I put incest repellent instead of insect repellent in story, it took me a while to catch it, but several people did.  I am from South Carolina, so I guess incest in burned into my mind.

“Thanks for sharing these Stewart! If anyone I know ever needs more info about Mahahual, I’m happy to send them your way!”

“Great content Stewart.
I’ll share this somehow to my almost 1000 LinkedIn followers.
I am not a golfer. Tried but gave up went back to tennis”

“Great Blog Stewart! I hear a lot of my fellow gringos talking about how “third world” Mexico is. Most of us would probably go to the doctor more often here in the States if our medical system was more like Mexico’s. I can’t wait to experience third world living!”

“The Medway have been friends of ours since they moved to Columbia. I attended USC and my husband attended the Citadel. Our tailgating space is actually #8 that they referred to. Maybe one day we will see you on the beach. Go Cocks!”

“You are a great resource for me in my research on possible places to hang my hat when I finally get there. Unfortunately, because of stateside “Americans” I am struggling myself here. As you said and I always do, “I’ll always land on my feet”. Despite the crooks, liars and thieves I will hope to be in Mahahual area before summer of 2017.
Keep up the great work in paving the way for us gringos who have fallen in love with Costa Maya Region”

I hope I have answered these questions, and keep the questions and comments rolling in, I got all summer.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


2 thoughts on “Questions and Comments about Mahahual July 2016

  1. Sarah Bales says:

    Hi Stewart, not sure if you remember me or not, Sarah Bindewald (now Bales). I live in Houston, TX and love to scuba dive. How is the diving in your area?

    • Of course I remember you. We have Banco Chinchorro here, and many other great places. Get a flight to Cancun, I can get you here, and find a room for you. Also check out Buceando Mahahual, a friend of mine’s dive shop. I will send you an email.

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