I Have a Lot of Facebook Haters

I have a lot of people on Facebook, especially from South Carolina, who hate my guts because I write about how much I love living in Mahahual and Mexico.  They are always attacking me on Facebook, here is an example.

Armond Kissel ·
“I don’t know who this guy is, but I am GLAD he lives in Mexico. He obviously knows stupid. What an Idiot. Dude you are what is wrong with the human race. You have no true grip on reality. A low life like you would never be able to know me. I will keep it that way. You are a very sad person, and the shit you post has no merit. Stupid, uneducated babble.
Believe me I won’t. After the few things I did read, you belong in Mexico. Trump will be our next President, he will, with the help of the American people MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. So stfu and have another glass of that koolaid. You prove how stupid you are.”

This guy’s name is Armand Kissel, and I don’t know him, but he feels he has the right to attack me. This Armand guy now is threatening to come to Mexico to kick my ass.  He said he is going to be in Cabo in January, this stupid idiot does not know I am on the whole other side of Mexico from Cabo, that is why he is a Trump supporter, he is stupid. This is just an example of a comment, I have been told a hundred times by people on Facebook to stay in Mexico because I am not an American.  This has been going on for several years now, and I am sure it will not change.

I have been threatened, been told if I come back to the USA I will be shot, or have my ass kicked.  I have been called all kinds of names on a regular basis.

Right now I am in a controversy with members of my high school graduating class Facebook page.  A couple of weeks ago, I had a friend from high school come to Mexico to visit me, and he got killed in a tragic accident in Cancun, before he had the chance to come visit me.

Well a lot of people from my hometown and high school kept asking what happened.  I decided to share an article I wrote about it on this blog, on my Eastside High School Class of 1976.  The article got great response, and people thanked me for sharing and letting them know.  I had never shared anything on my blog with my high school classmates because the majority of them are right-wing Conservative Republicans, and I have nothing in common with them.

I got a good response, and I decided I would share another article I wrote about being an expat living in Mexico.  Another great response, and people asked me to share more articles.  I then shared another article I wrote about “An Expats View on Gun Control”.  Well that did not go over well, and three women told me that I should not share my blog on our high school Facebook page, it was not appropriate.  Now my friend’s death article was fine, but no more articles they said I should share.

I told them I have freedom of speech, and the right to express myself, and then one of them called me an “asshat”, because I would not back down from their bullying.  Now that I remember, I never said one word, or they to me in our whole time in high school, but they feel they have the right to censure and judge me.  I had other people and classmates tell me to keep posting and sharing, they enjoyed my writing.  In fact I have had a couple of classmates contact me, and now they want to come here on vacation.

Now I have been defriended by a whole lot of people I went to high school with, because I am not a right-wing Conservative Republican like them, and they hate that.  I get Facebook friend requests from people from South Carolina and I accept them, and it lasts for about a week, and then they start posting how great Trump is, and they read that I am not like them, so then I get defriended.  I had a guy from my high school post something about assassinating Hillary Clinton, and I reacted, and he defriended me, which was no problem to me.

I also meet a lot of people from the south off of cruise ships here.  We talk and I tell them about my life here, and they go back and send me Facebook friend requests.  Those usually don’t last long also, because they figure out after a while that I am not a Conservative Republican Trump fan like them, so I get defriended.  I am also not a gun nut or ammosexual like a lot of other people from the south, so I get defriended.

What these people don’t realize, if I was a Trump loving, gun nut, Conservative Republican, I would not last three days here in Mahahual.  They hate Trump here in Mexico with a passion, and if I went around running my mouth about how great Trump is here in Mahahual, I would end up buried in the mangroves, dead.

Now I have Facebook friends from all over the world.  I have Mexican, English, Canadian, Italian, French, Spanish, and many other countries Facebook friends, but the only ones that attack or threaten to kill me are people from South Carolina.  My other Facebook friends  from around the world laugh at all the things my Facebook friends from South Carolina attack me about all the time.  They can’t believe people like this exist.

I have 300 Facebook friends now, and I must have been defriended by almost all of the people I went to high school with, which does not bother me.  I have not seen most of these people in 40 years, and never really hung around with them in high school.  But my question is, why do these people I went to high school with not want other people we graduated from high school with to read my blog?  What are they afraid of?  Now to be fair I am sure these people who want to block my blog are true die-hard Republicans and plan on voting for Trump, so they like bullies and like to bully me.  But they picked the wrong person to try to bully.  As Frank Sinatra once said, ” I got chunks of people like them in my stool”.

So I will continue to share my blog on my high school Facebook page, and if these people don’t like it that is their problem.  I will also continue to write what I want amid the threats and bullying I get from people from South Carolina and other parts of the USA.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

4 thoughts on “I Have a Lot of Facebook Haters

  1. Steve Heide says:

    Great blog Stewart and spot on politically. However, I see a benefit to this, maybe the Mexico haters who do not understand the beauty of Mexico will stay the hell away and go to some other portion of the planet that welcomes racist and culture haters. The beauty of our world is the amazing diversity of cultures, climates and the different kinds of food not to mention some damn good beers. Hey Armand, this is America dammit, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!

  2. I have never met you, but I enjoy your stories, I love Mahahual, and it’s nice to read varied opinions on different subjects. To each their own. It’s what makes us unique and special. It’s a shame what this world is coming too. We were just talking about this last night. How people are attacking each other because they don’t fit perfectly in their little box and accept what they think is politically correct. Freedom of speech is no longer free. You pay the price for voicing you opinion. I’ll keep voicing mine and you keep on writing Stewart… I’m a faithful follower and one day I look forward to meeting you.

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