Business Opportunities in Mahahual

I get a lot of questions from people inquiring about business opportunities here in Mahahual.  I get emails and questions on this blog from expats wanting to go into business here in Mahahual.  A lot of people are fed up with the system in the USA, and are looking to get out and start over.

When people ask me about going into business, I always tell them, the best business to have is something that the Mexicans here can’t do, or something that caters to future expats.

Currently there are not a whole lot of expats from the USA in business here.  Steve from the Tropicante, Tina from Cabello Blanco, Evan from Nacioanal Beach Club, and Otto from the internet company, are about the only expats from the USA I can think of currently doing business in Mahahual.

I know there are several resorts like Maya Chan, Mayan Beach Gardens, and Costa de Cocos, that are owned and operated by expats from the USA.  Several Italians here have businesses, like the Fish Spa, Divino’s restaurant, Arenas hotel, Pizza Papi, and several others.  Moises from Spain has a dive shop, Buceando Mahaual, along with several other Europeans who also own dive shops.  The two girls from Uruguay run Nam Nam and Pizza Metro, so the business owners in Mahahual are very diverse, and from all over the world.

So it depends on what your skills are, and what you want to do in Mahahual, if you plan on going into business here.  For instance, if you can work on computers or repair Iphones, and tablets, you can always make money in Mahahual.  Right now my Iphone screen has quit working, but everything else works, except I can’t slide to open phone.  I also have an identical 3gs Iphone which is locked, so if I can find someone here to unlock it, I can turn my two Iphones into one that will work.  It looks like my only choice is to go to Chetumal or Playa del Carmen to get it worked on.  I am not the only one looking for repair work on electronics, I come across people every day with the same problem.  So if you are asking me, that is a good business to have here, and you can even probably do it out of your house.

Another big business opportunity here I think for the future is rental properties.  There are not enough good rentals to meet the demand for rentals here.  A Mexican investor the other day bought some lots in New Mahahual (Casitas), and plans on building some efficiency apartments.

Right now at the moment, if you are asking me, the best investment you can make for the future in Mahahual is lots or land.  You can buy a lot or some land, and just sit on it for the future, and watch the value go up.  There are lots in New Mahahual right now starting from $21,000 to $35,000 usd depending on location.  There are not many houses for sale here at the moment, but there are plenty of nice lots.  All the lots are ready to build on and have all the services.  So buying a lot and building some rental properties here, to me is a no brainer, and a great way to invest and make some money in Mahahual.

There is all kinds of new construction going on, and Juan Carlos of Blue Kay is building a new 18 room hostel on the road near the lighthouse, I have been told.

New hostel going up.

New hostel going up.

malecon crimea girl 009

So now just to throw it out there, here are some business ideas or opportunities that I have come across, or I think would be a good business investment.  Now remember these are just some of my personal observations, and things in my opinion might be a way to make money in Mahahual.  Just remember nobody gets rich in Mahahual, especially me, but it is a good life.  So maybe I am not the person to listen to about making money, but I am going to throw some things out there for your consideration.

Pawn shop, (of course I watch “Pawn Stars” on my computer, so I may be a little biased), there are always people in Mahahual needing some quick cash.  On a community Facebook page here in Mahahual, there are always people selling tablets, phones, kitchen equipment, and other things trying to raise some money to pay some bills.  A good pawn shop here I think would make some money.

Computer and tablet repair shop.  I have already mentioned this before, but I am constantly asked by expats where can they get their computers fixed or upgraded, same with androids and phones.

Assisted living facility is also something that might would go over big in Mahahual.  I have read that senior care housing is becoming big along with medical tourism in Mexico.  You can stay in an assisted living center in Mexico for around $1,000 usd a month, compared to $3,000 a month in the USA.  I also read you get a lot for that $1,000 a month, private chef, fully staffed, good medical care, nice rooms, and many other amenities.  I think this will be big in the future on the Mexican Caribbean.

Other things that might be good to do here to make some money is service businesses.  Some of the women here cook meals and sell them out of their house.  A woman makes paella once a week and sells that on the weekends.  We also have a couple that makes sushi and delivers it out of their house.  I personally would like to have someone start making and selling good old American food like, chicken fried steak, meat loaf, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn bread, banana pudding, BBQ, and any other USA favorites.  I am about tortlllaed out.

So this has been my spin on some business opportunities here in Mahahual.  So don’t rush out and start making plans on what I say.  Do your research, talk to some people, come stay a while before you decide on anything, because from experience I can tell you Mahahual is not for everybody.  I have seen them come and go.

And whatever you do, don’t come down here and open a BBQ restaurant on the malecon, and use an electric smoker with mahogany wood, you will not last long.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina




7 thoughts on “Business Opportunities in Mahahual

  1. Any need for electricians? My husband is a master electrician and we own our own electrical contracting business here in Texas. Sure would be nice to be able to do electrical to make some money. But it always looks like to me that there are plenty of electricians in Mexico. Wondering how tough it would be to make a go of it?

  2. Stewart, great article. Ya, fixing screens or simple I phone repair would be great. when i crack a screen and i always do even witha cover- ) the bulgarians at the local mall en estados unidos, charge 90$ us to fix it. it takes them 15 minutes. and they put a 3$ piece of glass on it, $5 if its tempered glass.
    tell me some idiot didnt come to town and open a bbq and use mahagony to smoke with? lol

    I was in the restaurant biz for 23 years after college, loved it hated it . i did have a very popular BBQ restaurant that i sold and some guys franchised years later. but i kept all the recipies.

    Pawn shop – great idea -But wouldnt every little petty beach thief in mahahual come to try and sell you some poor bastards Iphone or ipod, would the local policia appreciate providing the petty theif coomunity a cash flow source- then on the other hand :), everyone would know where to go to find their laptops !! lol

    You have the best blog on the costa maya, keep it up and thanks..


  3. JUDY SNIGHT says:

    I always enjoy your blog.can you direct me to the community Facebook page I’m going to be living there next winter and I want to look at what it’s about

  4. Colette and Philip Pepperell says:

    Hey, Stewart! Thanks for all the great information. We are expats looking to relocate from Ecuador and stumbled across Mahahual almost by accident. We are avid scuba divers and that is essentially how we found the place. But we work exclusively online and need decent internet, minimum 10mbps. Would you happen to know if that is available in Mahahual?

    • Hi guys. Unfortunately Stewart passed last year but I would be happy to help you. I don’t know exactly what the internet speed is here but you can work online. I do online work and everything is usually fine. It can be spotty from time to time but overall I don’t really have any complaints. Hope that helps!

      • Colette and Philip Pepperell says:

        Hello and thanks for your reply! You don’t give us your name but we really appreciate your taking the time to get back to us.

        We are very sorry to hear about Stewart’s passing. He was certainly was an engaging writer.

        Your response regarding the internet speed was very helpful and encouraging. We will be over some time in 2019 to visit the area to look at real estate and the area generally. We lived and worked in Belize many years ago and the images we have seen of Mahahual look very similar. But less pricey!

        Again, we are most grateful and wish you success in your online endeavors!

        Colette and Philip

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