Doctor’s Visit in Bacalar, Cheaper than a Cup of Starbucks

I am sharing a memory from my Facebook today.  This came up today, so I would thought I would share on this blog.  I went to the doctor in Bacalar with a Mexican friend last year.  He had to get some kind of check up.  We were in and out in about 20 minutes.  (Not like 2 or 3 hours in the USA).

I was sitting there waiting and I noticed the medical prices.  These prices are in pesos, so the exchange rate is now about 18:1 pesos, 18 peso to 1 USA dollar.  So you do the math, you will be surprised.


I went with a Mexican friend yesterday to the doctor’s office in Bacalar. The prices are in pesos, doctor visit costs less than $4 in USA dollars. All other prprocedures about the same. No insurance companies so health care is affordable, and if you have no money they have free clinics here. And these are good qualified doctors and medicine. I bought my diabetes meds in Bacalar yesterday for 40 pesos, about $3 USA dollars.

Here is a comment from one of my Facebook friends on my Facebook post today.

“We get all of our dental work done while we are in Mexico. And, last year while on vacation, my luv had a hernia that needed to be treated. He was admitted into a great hospital in Playa, with an US educated surgeon. Everything went fine, the care and facilites rivaled anything in the States, and the cost was about 1/10th of what it would have cost at home. I cant say enough good things about the medical care in Mexico!”

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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