Pro Basketball in Playa del Carmen

I was on the malecon yesterday sitting and waiting to see if I could my Iphone fixed, and a big black guy walked up to me. I noticed he had on some Jamaica swim trunks, so I knew he was not Belizean, Belize guys would not wear those. He asked me if I was from South Carolina, and I said yes.

He then told me he was from Charlotte, North Carolina, and played college basketball at USC-Aiken, and Mercer. He now plays pro basketball in Playa del Carmen in a Mexican league. He said he has only been here a week. He was on the beach with 3 Mexican women from Playa del Carmen. He said there are other players from the USA playing in this league.  So I checked it out, and there is pro basketball in Playa del Carmen.

I forgot to get the player’s name, but I am sure I can look him up later.  So here is some information about Tucanes pro basketball team in Playa del Carmen.

Bragging rights
getting the team ready for a championship run at the state of Qroo,Mexico basketball professional league
I will find out some more details and information in the near future.  I plan on going up and checking out a game or two.
Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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