Crab Migration to the Sea in Mahahual

Costa Maya Mahahual

Crabs marching to the beach. Crabs marching to the beach.

This is the time of year where the blue crabs make their way to the beach here to lay their eggs. Each year, the beautiful beaches of Mahahual are visited by blue crabs that make their long journey full of obstacles, for the sole purpose of depositing  their small eggs in the sea.

This is the famous crab migration, Cardisoma Guanhumi, a species listed as threatened and is being closely followed by Mexican authorities and various conservation groups.

Cardisoma Guanhumi, crab. Cardisoma Guanhumi, crab.

The blue crab is under strict care by various factors that have threatened its existence in the region.  One of the biggest threats to the crab is cars and trucks.  The crabs make a direct course to return to the beach to lay eggs, and sometimes this involves going across roads and highways.  Because of this a great number of crabs are run over…

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