Costa Maya Fact or Costa Maya Rumor?

I got a brand new Dell computer with a huge screen from the USA the other day.  I have been playing with it the last couple of days, and man it is fast.  Someone brought it and a used Samsung Galaxy smart phone down from the USA for me.  I had to cut a deal, and I will be working it off for the next year, but it is worth it.  I have been using an old small HP computer I got in Playa del Carmen a couple of years ago, and the keyboard is in Spanish.  It got the job done, but man it was slow.  The Dell I got now compared to my old computer is like changing from riding a horse to driving a car.  I can also write my blog, watch the Olympics, check my fantasy baseball team, and be on Facebook, all at the same time, which I could never do before.

This morning I wrote my blog in half the time it took me in the past.  I downloaded a bunch of photos from the Fish Spa, and wrote an article in about an hour, with my old computer it would have taken me all morning.  So because of this, I have decided to start doing an AM and PM edition on this blog for the time being.  It is still low season and not much going on, so I got the time.  Also my new Samsung Galaxy phone, ( It does not accept SIM cards here in Mexico, so I cannot call it a phone, but that is a story I have for a later date, my Iphone plight), has a great camera.  So the quality of my photos here should increase greatly  ( I have gotten complaints in the past about the quality of my photos, in fact the quote was, “Your photos look like shit”).  I have to admit my old 3gs Iphone camera sucked, but this one is much better. (Oh, I don’t what I would do without my critics.)

So I will try to do business writing in the morning, and news or information, and then in the PM, do something about life here.  I try to write and provide facts and information about living and retiring here, and a lot of people read that, but if I go off on something, do humor, or stuff about my life and controversy here, the numbers go through the roof.  For instance,  people loved the “15 things Stewart Quit Giving a Sh*t about When I Moved to Mexico” was very popular and had a lot of readers.

So today my late edition is called, “Costa Maya Fact or Costa Maya Rumor?”

We get two kinds of information here in Mahahual……..CMF, Costa Maya Fact, and CMR, Costa Maya Rumor.  I think these terms were first contrived by Steve Uhl of the Tropicante during a meeting of “The Living and Dying in 3/4 Club” at the Tropicante during happy hour one day.

So let me try to explain what these terms mean, and their significance.  Sunday I was riding my bike on the malecon going for lunch and some sun on the beach.  As soon as I got off my bike,  the two Taxi Tour twins came up to me and asked me have I heard about the two cruise ships being diverted here on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I said no, they said yes they had a call from the port, and two ships are coming which will make three for the week.  I said good, and went about my business. Then Kane, one of the waiters on the malecon, came running up to me, and saying ships on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week.  So I thought, it must be true, and I told several of the business owners I ran into that there were ships going to be diverted here.  All the way on my way home that day people keep telling me ships on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Today, no ship, CMR, Costa Maya Rumor.

Today, no ship, CMF, Costa Maya Fact.


So I expected a ship on Tuesday.  Tuesday morning I got up at about 8am, and went to the roof to check on the ship, no ship,  CMR, Costa Maya Rumor.  Here is the story, the cruise lines DID call the port and asked if they could dock at Costa Maya Port if the weather was bad, and they had to be diverted off their course.

So the port people I am sure said yes, you can dock here if you need to.  So one of the people there I am sure called his friend, wife, uncle, or whomever and said that ships maybe were coming to Mahahual on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Well, with the “Coconut Telegraph” we have here in Mahahual, by the time the news hit the malecon, it was a definite that ships were coming.  That my friends is a CMR, Costa Maya Rumor.

Something can happen on one end of the malecon here, and by the time I ride my bike half way down the malecon, the news has passed me to the other end of the malecon.  News here spreads like wildfire.  I sometimes sit and hear people here telling other people here things that I know are not a fact.  I had one expat woman who used to live here, stop me all the time and ask me if this was true, or have I heard about such and such.

One day she came up to me and said that she heard that Disney was buying the Costa Maya Port.  I knew for a fact that this was not true, and in fact the water park was about to be put in where it is now.  So I decided why not, so I told her, yes it was true, but don,t tell anybody, it was a secret, no one is supposed to know.  The very next day Nancy from the bookstore at the Tropicante comes up to me asked me did I hear that Disney has bought the port, and is changing it to only dock Disney ships, CMR, Costa Maya Rumor, and I started it.

The funny thing about it is, I have heard rumors like this before and have gotten up in the morning and there was a ship diverted here.  So it is hard to distinguish between a CMR and a CMF in Mahahual until you see it for your own eyes, because you will be surprised.  I have come to find out, there is usually something behind a rumor here, you just have to figure it out yourself.

So what is a CMF, Costa Maya Fact?  I got up this morning , went up on the roof, and no ship, and I did the same thing yesterday morning, no ship.  That is a CMF.  Mahahual is growing by leaps and bounds, CMF.  That Johnny Deep was staying at 40 Cannons? CMR, (that one really happened here).  Are land and house prices going to go up in value in Mahahual, CMF.  Is there a ship tomorrow on Thursday, yes, CMF.

So I hope I have done a good job in explaining the difference between a CMR and a CMF, because you ever plan on spending any time here, you will need to know the difference.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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