Questions and Comments Mahahual August 2016

Today current questions and comments I have gotten lately on this blog.  I will do questions first, and then answer them, and then I will post comments.

“We were in Xcalak and got out Tuesday; any word on what Earl did to that wonderful little pueblo? We hated to leave but couldn’t afford to get stuck.”

Xcalak is fine, not much damage just some things blown around.  San Pedro in Belize was hit pretty hard with a lot of damage.  I talked to David Randall at Costa de Cocos the other day, and they are fine.

“Hello Stewart,

Thank you for the excellent information. A group of 4 of us will be traveling to Mahahual September 10-17, and I am worried about the road from Cancun to Mahahual being washed out/damaged. Any additional information would be helpful. We probably wouldn’t want to come, if everything is torn up, but it sounds as though it should be fine. We will be staying at the Costa Maya, on the 2nd floor. Hope you will be safe.


Roads here and everything else is fine.  No damage on main roads or anything.  Nothing was washed out.  The only thing you have to worry about is if another hurricane comes this way, and does some damage, but you should not have a problem.  Here if we have a hurricane, the Mexican Army shows up and cleans everything up.  You should have no problems with your stay here.

“Any need for electricians? My husband is a master electrician and we own our own electrical contracting business here in Texas. Sure would be nice to be able to do electrical to make some money. But it always looks like to me that there are plenty of electricians in Mexico. Wondering how tough it would be to make a go of it?”

That is a tough question to answer.  Yes I am sure Mahahual needs good qualified electricians in the near future.  I know we need a good plumber here bad.  You just would have to start a business and incorporate here and go through all the legal channels and permits to become a legal Mexican business.  I don’t know a lot about what it takes to open a business here, but you can contact my friend Mily Arceo who has a business Legally in Mexico here, who can answer all your questions and help you to get all the legal things you need done to start a business here.  I can get you in touch with her if you like.

“Whatever happened to the 3/4 time club? Hasn’t been updated in a while…”

Good question, I will have to ask and find out.

“Hi Stewart. I live in Merida and plan to go to Mahahual with friends in August and stay in Casa Costa Cristal. Mary, the owner, mentioned your blog. We are interested in deep sea fishing. Any recommendations? Appreciate your reply and also would love to meet you during our stay. Let me know if that would be possible. I look forward to your reply. Thanks”

Yes, Neptuno Tours on the malecon near the Tropicante is a great for deep-sea fishing, and they do a good job.  I got a fishing charter for some guys from Texas last week, and they loved it.  You can find me on the malecon most days, just ask around.  I am usually around the Tropicante in the afternoon.

“Thanks for this blog I was considering going on a trip to belize to check out the housing market there but as a women traveling alone, I don’t think I’d feel safe there or I would like it if I bought a property there.
Maybe I will come to Mahahaul or playa del carmen instead to check it out. Any other information or advice about Mahahul or playa del carmen?
thanks again for your blog.”

Good question, yes I agree with you traveling as a woman alone in Belize is not cool at the moment.  Belize is having a lot of problems with crime now, and I don’t think yup would feel safe there.  I wrote a series of articles on this blog comparing living in Belize, which I did for two years, to living in Mahahual, you might want to check that out.  I think you should visit both Mahahual and Playa del Carmen to see for yourself.  If you like the night life, McDonalds, malls, and other facets of city life, Playa del Carmen is good.  If you are looking for a husband or companionship you are better off in Playa.  If you like the quiet rustic tropical paradise life, then you might want to consider Mahahual.  As of last census taken here in 2010 there are only 1,080 people living in Mahahual, but that goes up to 5,000 or 6,000 on cruise ship day.

“Well my girl an I are in the Yucatan for 24nights come this Sep. 02-26 an we may just leave Merida on the 20th an come rite down here for 5 days, This looks unreal. Kind of on a budget ($750mx night for room). Does anyone have suggestions. Thanks an have a great day”

Yes there are plenty of places here in your budget range, contact me and I can find you something.  September is kind of slow here, so you should have no problem finding a nice place.

Now some comments I have received lately.

“Great Blog Stewart! I hear a lot of my fellow gringos talking about how “third world” Mexico is. Most of us would probably go to the doctor more often here in the States if our medical system was more like Mexico’s. I can’t wait to experience third world living!”

“Great blog Stewart and spot on politically. However, I see a benefit to this, maybe the Mexico haters who do not understand the beauty of Mexico will stay the hell away and go to some other portion of the planet that welcomes racist and culture haters. The beauty of our world is the amazing diversity of cultures, climates and the different kinds of food not to mention some damn good beers. Hey Armand, this is America dammit, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!”

“I have never met you, but I enjoy your stories, I love Mahahual, and it’s nice to read varied opinions on different subjects. To each their own. It’s what makes us unique and special. It’s a shame what this world is coming too. We were just talking about this last night. How people are attacking each other because they don’t fit perfectly in their little box and accept what they think is politically correct. Freedom of speech is no longer free. You pay the price for voicing you opinion. I’ll keep voicing mine and you keep on writing Stewart… I’m a faithful follower and one day I look forward to meeting you.”

“Thanks for the historical summary. In you haven’t done so already, you may want to visit Queretaro on your next trip to Mexico to learn more about Maximiliano’s final days.”

“Thanks for your work on this blog, take good care of yourself, hoping for a better 2nd half for you:)

“Stewart, great article. Ya, fixing screens or simple I phone repair would be great. when i crack a screen and i always do even witha cover- ) the bulgarians at the local mall en estados unidos, charge 90$ us to fix it. it takes them 15 minutes. and they put a 3$ piece of glass on it, $5 if its tempered glass.
tell me some idiot didnt come to town and open a bbq and use mahagony to smoke with? lol

I was in the restaurant biz for 23 years after college, loved it hated it . i did have a very popular BBQ restaurant that i sold and some guys franchised years later. but i kept all the recipies.

Pawn shop – great idea -But wouldnt every little petty beach thief in mahahual come to try and sell you some poor bastards Iphone or ipod, would the local policia appreciate providing the petty theif coomunity a cash flow source- then on the other hand:), everyone would know where to go to find their laptops !! lol

You have the best blog on the costa maya, keep it up and thanks..”

(Yes we did have an idiot come down here to open BBQ joint.  We called him BBQ Bob, and he was a major asshole.  He went around telling everyone he had a MBA and he was going to show us here in Mahahual,how it was done, and how to make money.  He also wanted to open a “laser tag: business, but failed.  He did not last 6 months and left with his tail between his legs.)

“Hi Stu ! I moved to Chetumal after living in 18 countries and working in 120. I love it here. My plan is to get a cheap place in Mahahual or Xcalak soon. I’ve been in CHETUS for 15 months now, I agree with you 100%. Could you send me your 10 things i dont give a shit about ? I missed it. I am University of New Mexico ’68 and 70 years old.
The best thing in Chetumal ? Cheap Booze at SAMS and the Belize free Zone.Give me a call when you come my way
I rent a brand new place , furnished for 2500 !!!”

“Stewart. You’re starting to sound like a grumpy old man. lol”

“Thanks for your work on this blog, take good care of yourself, hoping for a better 2nd half for you:)

Here is a comment I received about my article I did about my friend from high school Peter Ros getting killed here in Mexico on his way to see me.

“Thanks so much for the article. I met the family back in ’68 in the 7th grade. Peter, Edward, Frank and the rest of us were with each other every day. Thanks to facebook, I had gotten back in touch with Peter. I had read that he had passed and had not heard how. I missed seeing him at Ed’s funeral since Peter was gone after I got there. Thanks so much for writing the article…..prayers and condolences to Frank, Mary, Margurite and the rest of the family.”

Here is a photo of me yesterday with a man from Arizona and his daughter.  Rick Robinson and his daughter Annika from Pine Top, Arizona drove down from Puerto Aventuras yesterday to check out Mahahual.  He said he reads my blog every day in the USA, and he wanted to come down and meet me.  They went snorkeling and hung out on the beach here at the Tropicante all day, nice people.  They had a nice time, and I am sure they will be back.

Me with Rick Robinson, and his daughter on the malecon at the Tropicante. He is a reader of this blog, and he drove down from Rivera Maya today for the day to show his daughter Mahahual. They are from Pine Top, Arizona, and Annika is a future University of Arizona Wildat.

Me with Rick Robinson, and his daughter on the malecon at the Tropicante. He is a reader of this blog, and he drove down from Rivera Maya today for the day to show his daughter Mahahual. They are from Pine Top, Arizona, and Annika is a future University of Arizona Wildcat.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


2 thoughts on “Questions and Comments Mahahual August 2016

  1. Rick Robinson says:

    Thanks again Stewart and Steve for having us at tge Tropicante yesterday. My daughter loved Mahahual! If you send me your e-mail address I’ll send you some short videos of me doing improv and stand up comedy for a few laughs!

    Thanks again for making Mahahual the highlight of our trip!

    Rick Robinson
    Email –

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